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(edit) @882   12 years didier.solyga Add specific tools used for the externalization. Update authz file.
(edit) @841   12 years josefine.ghattas Added test if third argument is an integer (should correspond to a …
(edit) @838   12 years josefine.ghattas - Corrected to use at vargas (option -i in sed not possible). - Removed …
(edit) @835   12 years josefine.ghattas - Open branch Hydrology to be readable for everybody - Added Josefine as …
(edit) @806   12 years martial.mancip Add Camille Risi in ORCHIDEE group and personnal directory.
(edit) @803   12 years martial.mancip Suppress redundant authorizations. Free anonymous readding for tags and …
(edit) @693   12 years martial.mancip Add personnal directory of Jan Polcher. Add Patricia Cadule on hydrology …
(edit) @647   12 years martial.mancip Add Marie-Alice Foujols as ORCHIDEE developper.
(edit) @635   12 years didier.solyga Add Sebastiaan Luyssaert in orchidee-N group.
(edit) @605   12 years martial.mancip Add /branches/DOC.
(edit) @583   13 years martial.mancip Add natasha.macbean, thomas.verbeke, makoto.saito, stijn.hantson, …
(edit) @571   13 years martial.mancip Add revision number as optionnal last argument of recup_my_ORCHIDEE script
(edit) @550   13 years didier.solyga Update list of users and create stics group
(edit) @547   13 years didier.solyga Add new users.
(edit) @518   13 years martial.mancip Add Agnès Ducharne and Jan Polcher in orchidee-group dev. Create hydrology …
(edit) @503   13 years martial.mancip Add /branches/ORCHIDEE-BCOV and orchideeCOV group. Add new hydro works …
(edit) @490   13 years didier.solyga Update authz. Creation of two new working groups : orchideeCOV and …
(edit) @375   13 years martial.mancip Suppress some non developpers. Add Simon Benavides and James Ryder as …
(edit) @324   13 years didier.solyga Add James Ryder as ORCHIDEE user
(edit) @283   13 years didier.solyga Add Benjamin Poulter in forestry group. Modify the rights for the branche …
(edit) @276   13 years didier.solyga Import of a python script which can generate a PFT map with a number of …
(edit) @256   13 years nicolas.vuichard correct bug on VPD calculation
(edit) @212   13 years nicolas.vuichard account for missing datasets and fix bug for precip frequency
(edit) @206   13 years martial.mancip Add a magic script to download your own version.
(edit) @184   13 years martial.mancip Add wiki logins for personal directories of all permanents. We can access …
(edit) @183   13 years martial.mancip correct authorizations in personnal directories for commit.
(edit) @176   13 years martial.mancip Problem access rw source with this simplification.
(edit) @175   13 years martial.mancip Simplify rules.
(edit) @174   13 years martial.mancip All people should see bug corrections into trunk repository.
(edit) @161   13 years martial.mancip Use authz of svn to open part of svn repository in trac tool without …
(edit) @139   13 years martial.mancip correct Assimilation branch path.
(edit) @138   13 years nicolas.vuichard Add a README file to FLUXNET_DATA tool
(edit) @131   13 years martial.mancip Add monitoring configurations for all IPCC variables.
(edit) @124   13 years nicolas.vuichard import files
(edit) @122   13 years nicolas.vuichard create FLUXNET_DATA directory
(edit) @121   13 years didier.solyga Add read rights for groups and user for the externalised version
(edit) @120   13 years martial.mancip Add valentin.bellassen to orchidee_FM group.
(edit) @100   13 years martial.mancip Add Chao Yue to orchidee_FM group.
(edit) @78   13 years martial.mancip Add adm group and branches and group on assimiliation, forestry and …
(edit) @77   13 years martial.mancip Correct users and preject group rights.
(edit) @76   13 years martial.mancip Add svn conf file authz for revisionning ORCHIDEE developpers' group.
(edit) @32   13 years martial.mancip Add script to create right svn properties.
(add) @17   14 years mmaipsl Add tools for ORCHIDEE.
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