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#31 Problem with small frac_nobio aducharne defect major fixed
#33 Bug CWRR with VEGET_UPDATE=1Y aducharne defect major fixed
#34 The standard value of dpu_max should be different in the Choisnel and CWRR versions aducharne defect major fixed
#36 Addition of an ipslerr level 3 in routing_waterbal subroutine of routing.f90 aducharne defect major fixed
#409 Pb with the definition of precisol, impacting prveg somebody defect major orchidee_2_0 fixed
#412 Very likely bug in the calculation of k (hydraulic conductivity) aducharne defect critical trunc fixed
#443 Correction of the refined bottom discretization somebody defect major orchidee_2_0 fixed
#14 Percent throughfall jgipsl enhancement minor orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#28 Inialization problem of qsfrict array jpolcher enhancement minor orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#57 Units of temp_sol somebody enhancement minor wontfix
#59 valpha in diffuco can be deleted somebody enhancement minor wontfix
#61 evapot declared but not used jgipsl enhancement minor fixed
#62 revisit dew and snow sublimation calculations cottle enhancement minor fixed
#82 Possible reduction of the number of var read into the restart file jpolcher enhancement major orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#399 leaf_ci is not needed in the restart file jgipsl enhancement minor fixed
#83 Usefulness of the routine thermosoil_energy fuxing task major orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
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