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#566 Sudden increase in RESERVE pool luyssaert defect critical fixed
#568 Seperate pft dependent parameters into a new orchidee_pft.def luyssaert task critical fixed
#570 check the mass balance check somebody defect critical fixed
#591 Mass balance closure in sapiens_lcchange luyssaert defect critical fixed
#612 Check 1+1 = 2 for LCC alanso enhancement critical fixed
#618 check why src_global/interpol_help.f90 is different in CN-CAN compared to the trunk somebody task critical fixed
#624 Test with LMDZ jgipsl enhancement critical fixed
#659 pb not same results when changing number of proc luyssaert defect critical fixed
#663 crash in FG1: not all nitrogen has been transferred gmarie defect critical fixed
#667 crash in FG5: conflicting value for loss_gain somebody defect critical fixed
#240 Few enhancements in subroutin lcchange_main regarding mass balance closure somebody defect major trunc fixed
#271 Add land cover change gmarie task major fixed
#302 hum_min_dormance missing somebody defect major fixed
#307 Forest die early on aresovsky defect major fixed
#311 Forestry - No thinning luyssaert defect major fixed
#341 Check units, time step and writing of N-input aresovsky defect major fixed
#345 Bug in Forest management somebody defect major fixed
#360 Merge with the trunk luyssaert enhancement major fixed
#429 No real positive solution found alanso defect major fixed
#440 when_growthinit is not correclt initialized when using age classes somebody defect major fixed
#448 Read N-deposition from stomate.card alanso enhancement major fixed
#479 Mass balance problem luyssaert defect major fixed
#482 Mass balance problem in LCC somebody defect major fixed
#485 XIOS crash for newer windfall variable luyssaert defect major fixed
#495 Add woodharvest trunk somebody enhancement major wontfix
#525 Initialize flags for species and management change somebody enhancement major fixed
#528 Output interp_diag_vegetrefrac changed dimension somebody defect major fixed
#531 Veget_max overwritten following age class changes somebody defect major fixed
#542 Initialization problem: temp_sol_new becomes too low and the calculation of lwup becomes negative jgipsl defect major fixed
#551 get_printlev revert : put back getin_p jgipsl defect major fixed
#553 Probleme in sapiens_lcchange, VEGET_UPDATE=1 somebody defect major fixed
#555 albedo module must change name to avoid conflict with LMDZ somebody defect major fixed
#563 Calculation of the area of a grid cell can not be done using resolution(:,1)*resolution(:,2) jgipsl enhancement major fixed
#573 Problem with diag SOIL_P_OX jgipsl defect major fixed
#574 input(imanure) in littercalc somebody defect major fixed
#577 mass balance problem in stomate_litter for n luyssaert defect major fixed
#578 No maint_resp for deciduous PFTS luyssaert defect major fixed
#588 Problem with bm_to_litter for bare soil following LCC luyssaert defect major fixed
#589 Surface area not preserved luyssaert defect major fixed
#590 soiltile does not sum-up to one luyssaert task major fixed
#592 LCC is called at the end of the year somebody enhancement major fixed
#593 PeriodLength=1M vs 1Y luyssaert defect major fixed
#605 suspicuous change in dimensions somebody defect major fixed
#609 problem with the redistribution of the LCC maps luyssaert defect major fixed
#625 Check the behavior of the product pools luyssaert defect major fixed
#627 Problem in product use luyssaert defect major fixed
#636 crash in FG2 with lcchange luyssaert defect major fixed
#650 Huge RDI, LAI, etc the first day of the second generation gmarie defect major fixed
#657 Crash in FG5 : Zero labile and reserve carbon somebody defect major fixed
#658 Crash in FG4: Nan problem in litter_ranking jjeong defect major fixed
#660 newX construction error and CHECK statement somebody defect major fixed
#664 crash in FG4: merge_biomass_pft somebody defect major fixed
#272 Add anthropogenic species changes somebody task minor fixed
#340 Histwrite_p call for frac_snow_veg somebody defect minor fixed
#458 Crash in land cover change subroutine at the end of the year when using Periodlength=1M somebody defect minor duplicate
#500 harvest above somebody enhancement minor fixed
#530 Update branch CN-CAN with all changes done on branch CN jgipsl task minor fixed
#541 KF in sapiens_lcchange somebody enhancement minor fixed
#565 Sugar loading, mortality, and LCC somebody task minor fixed
#576 Negative circ_class_kill_pot luyssaert defect minor fixed
#613 Make the variable burried a cummulative variable luyssaert enhancement minor fixed
#615 Test species change luyssaert task minor fixed
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