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#392 Change variable name veget_max in stomate_lpj jgipsl defect major trunc fixed
#415 bug in calculation of VPD and air_relhum somebody defect major trunc fixed
#417 Patch pour éviter des cas de mortalité de végétation irréversible en situation extrême peylin enhancement major fixed
#420 Update interface for transport of CO2 in the atmosphere cpipsl enhancement major fixed
#51 Harmonize variable label for the extinction coefficient somebody enhancement minor fixed
#54 IF/ELSE statement in stomate_npp nvuilsce enhancement minor fixed
#55 Harmonize WRITE(numout,*) statements jgipsl enhancement minor wontfix
#69 totfrac_nobio nvuilsce defect minor orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#76 obsolete variables in stomate_forestry.f90 luyssaert enhancement minor orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#394 Cleaning up amoung the text output jgipsl task minor fixed
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