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#7 DGVM problems nicolasviovy enhancement major orchidee_1_9_5_2 fixed
#20 Problem of closure for the Carbon Budget nvuilsce defect major orchidee_1_9_5_2 fixed
#93 NF90_64BIT_OFFSET flag required for global stomate_Cforcing file jgipsl defect major orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#418 Carbon mass conservation issue ? somebody task major fixed
#46 Phenology parameters differ from publication maignan enhancement minor fixed
#47 Externalize parameters from phenology jgipsl enhancement minor wontfix
#49 Heartwood respiration nicolasviovy enhancement minor fixed
#50 variable t_maint in stomate_respiration nvuilsce enhancement minor fixed
#52 filename declaration in unlogic subroutine jgipsl enhancement minor fixed
#53 Maintenance respiration coefficients are calculated but not used nvuilsce enhancement minor fixed
#79 num_grass variable is never used in lpj_light.f90. jgipsl enhancement minor orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#86 Improve documentation in lpj_establish.f90 nicolasviovy enhancement minor orchidee_1_9_6 fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#648 Problem with the soil carbon stock in the CMIP6 version somebody defect major orchidee_2_0
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