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#26 Problem of phasing-out between Tair and Swdown for the WATCH forcing. jan.polcher defect major orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#27 Problem in the temporal structure of ERA-interim forcing files ( files) jan.polcher defect major orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#371 exception is raised when NBUFF is not divisible by the number of forcing timesteps jgipsl defect major trunc fixed
#403 dt_sechiba is not initialized but used jgipsl defect major trunc fixed
#470 orchideedriver corrupted memory error due to missmatch between nbland_loc vs nbpoint_loc somebody defect major trunc fixed
#16 Error in rainfall field for ECMWF ERA-Interim forcings jgipsl defect minor orchidee_1_9_5_2 wontfix
#19 Propostion for re-organization of source code in svn system jgipsl task minor orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#22 Model does not stop correctly for case of no land points in parallel mode jgipsl defect minor fixed
#68 Deletion of day counter jgipsl enhancement minor orchidee_1_9_6 invalid
#84 Usefulness of the ok_var flags somebody enhancement minor orchidee_1_9_6 fixed
#108 Load_balance_orchidee.dat jgipsl enhancement minor wontfix
#146 missing_value attribute in forcing files maignan defect minor trunc fixed
#236 force to print text when there is an ipslerr_p error jgipsl enhancement trivial trunc fixed
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