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#511 Make extra subroutine in enerbil somebody enhancement critical fixed
#512 Add CN changes to enerbil somebody enhancement critical fixed
#671 Grassland crashing in phenology in global run FG2 gmarie defect critical fixed
#260 Activate Pinty's two stream albedo scheme somebody enhancement major fixed
#261 Use two stream absorbance for GPP luyssaert enhancement major fixed
#262 Calculate veget from Pgap luyssaert enhancement major fixed
#263 Activate CWRR alanso enhancement major fixed
#266 Activate stomatal control through waterstress alanso enhancement major fixed
#269 Merge with IPSLCM6.v1 luyssaert enhancement major fixed
#273 Add windfall somebody task major fixed
#275 Check explicit snow somebody task major fixed
#281 cap on lai luyssaert enhancement major fixed
#287 Snow_frac somebody enhancement major fixed
#295 Remove tot_bare_soil and treat a PFT as a real ecosystem somebody enhancement major fixed
#300 Add new roughness length luyssaert enhancement major fixed
#304 Remove/flag call to single-layer albedo luyssaert enhancement major fixed
#305 Define control variables for single-layer and multi-layer energy budget luyssaert enhancement major fixed
#306 Define the different canopy layers alanso enhancement major duplicate
#308 frac_snow_veget in albedo.f90 somebody defect major fixed
#319 Check whether ticket 312 is also an issue for this version somebody defect major fixed
#335 initialization issue with frac_snow_veg in dynamic roughness calculation luyssaert defect major fixed
#337 Bug in isotope_delta13c somebody defect major fixed
#385 Bug in the multi-layer energy budget code related to temp_sol_new. somebody defect major fixed
#407 Add soil to root resistance to the hydraulic architecture alanso enhancement major fixed
#483 Problem with the PFT dimension in enerbil somebody task major fixed
#513 Which temperature and humidity should be used? somebody enhancement major fixed
#518 How to calculate the fraction covered by snow somebody enhancement major fixed
#520 Complete merge of interpweight somebody enhancement major fixed
#523 Is the bug correction in vertical soil needed? somebody enhancement major wontfix
#643 suspicuous messages when opening the restart files somebody task major wontfix
#645 crash in xios when running in debug mode luyssaert defect major fixed
#313 slowproc_lai interpolating values for READ_LAI=N somebody task minor fixed
#361 Merge slowproc_soilt with trunk aresovsky enhancement minor fixed
#465 No Valid Data in sechiba_history for forcing file variables somebody defect minor fixed
#486 Excessive warnings about nitrogen somebody defect minor fixed
#508 Replace numerous calculations of lai by a variable jgipsl enhancement minor fixed
#509 Clean nlai jgipsl enhancement minor fixed
#514 Add output variables for albedo somebody enhancement minor wontfix
#515 Save albedo variables somebody enhancement minor fixed
#517 Background albedo in the restart files somebody enhancement minor fixed
#519 Add albedo variables to xml somebody enhancement minor fixed
#524 Duplication of parameter rho_soil somebody enhancement minor fixed
#608 q_atmos_pres_grid is used but never calculated alanso defect minor fixed
#617 test river routing somebody task minor fixed
#638 Move back to enerbil alanso enhancement minor fixed
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