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#902 Selection of tickets from "sft_and_multitiling" related to transpiration new somebody task critical
#286 Read LAI from map (option read_lai=2) reopened somebody enhancement major
#350 Improper use of vbeta in enerbil assigned aducharne defect major
#363 Implementation of XIOS and interaction with MPI assigned jpolcher defect major
#411 Problem with cim accepted maignan defect major
#419 Modification on co2_to_bm and respiration maintenance assigned maignan defect major
#490 Contribute/lead merging of the gross land use change module after CAN into the trunc when a resolution is made new cyue task major
#581 Add routing simple module new jgipsl task major
#611 call to ioipsl subroutines must be checked and probably done only by the master thredds accepted jgipsl defect major
#781 Bug fix on Wood Harvest new somebody enhancement major
#783 probleme of estimated STOMATE parameter with very low veget_cov_max new somebody defect major
#789 Pb with file Load_balance_orchidee.dat in fluorescence version of ORCHIDEE new somebody defect major
#801 ORCHIDEE_v3 model preparation for CMIP6 new peylin task major
#802 Spinup set-up for CMIP6 simulations with ORCHIDEE_v3 new peylin task major
#803 Coupled test simulations with IPSLCM6.1.12_LANDN-LR new peylin task major
#810 Too low transpiration compared to GLEAM new somebody enhancement major
#842 Integrate routing highres scheme new somebody task major
#853 Some concerns in the new driver new somebody defect major
#856 Merge branch ORCHDEE-ICE in the trunk new jgipsl enhancement major
#857 Add new irrigation scheme developped by Pedro new somebody task major
#880 albedo_surface module needs to be optimized new somebody enhancement major
#886 Different porosities (mcs) in thermosoil and hydrol when soil carbon discretization is activated in v3 accepted bguenet defect major
#890 NaN in MatrixW and Nbp in stomate.f90 new somebody defect major
#892 cleaning of forcing files in shared repository ? new somebody defect major
#904 adapt new driver for site measurements reopened somebody enhancement major
#906 Adapt to GPU-based machines, revisiting the parallelization new somebody defect major
#907 Ensure mass, energy and surface area conservation within ORCHIDEE and when coupled with LMDZ new somebody defect major
#908 Enhancement of current evaluation tools and metrics (please make suggestions on the desired features) new somebody defect major
#910 Water management : improvement of the irrigation scheme, inclusion of water reservoirs. Integrating in ORCHIDEE how human manage the water. (link to the point o, represnetaing land water bodies) new somebody defect major
#911 Improve soil evaporation (adding a resistance or ?); Soil should not evaporate at a higher rate than a well waterered forest) new somebody defect major
#912 Full soil freezing, link with OM accumulation; link between OM and soil physical properties (work by Remi G. and Amélie C) and impact on soil organic matter stocks new somebody defect major
#913 Improving the albedo parameterisation for snow (optical properties and dust deposition) based on the recent use of ORC-Snow scheme for both land + ice-sheet (link with the point the Ph. of M. Lalande new somebody defect major
#914 Need to represent inland water surfaces and role on water/carbon cycles in IPSL-CM (worked piloted by Catherine O.) new somebody defect major
#915 Improved parameterisation of snow cover in mountain regions (focus: Himalaya; recent PhD of M. Lalande). new somebody defect major
#916 Have hydraulic architecture (Tuzet) working globally, including drought-induced tree and leaf mortality and link to other disturbances new somebody defect major
#917 Have SPITFIRE working in the TRUNK (sliglthy different version from v3 and the trunk) new somebody defect major
#918 Add test case in the trusting for curvilinear grid new somebody task major
#922 To read forcings with polar stereographic projection by the new driver new somebody enhancement major
#933 Add use of XIOS3 new jgipsl enhancement major
#957 Error with FR_SAFRAN_HIST seen at Jean-Zay new somebody defect major
#959 Update of coding guidelines new somebody task major
#579 Create for 15pfts new nvuilsce enhancement minor
#706 interMonitoring new somebody defect minor
#787 Modifying warning about negative allocation new somebody defect minor
#855 Restartabiltiy of the ORCHIDEE v3 when soil discretization is activated new bguenet defect minor
#936 Same temperature effect for plant N uptake and soil organic matter decomposition new bguenet defect minor
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