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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#595 wrong argument dimensions for stempdiag in nitrogen_dynamics nvuilsce defect critical ORCHIDEE 3.0 Biogeochemical processes
#58 Clarify time steps nvuilsce enhancement major ORCHIDEE 2.0 Documentation
#129 Routage de l'eau des lacs somebody enhancement major Physical processes
#180 Weather Generator not working: description and solution maignan defect major ORCHIDEE 3.0 Driver files
#306 Define the different canopy layers alanso enhancement major IPSLCM6.v2 Physical processes
#742 Reading soil property maps bguenet enhancement major ORCHIDEE 4.3 Biogeochemical processes
#767 Mass balance problem in stomate_growth_fun_all somebody defect major ORCHIDEE 4.1 Biogeochemical processes
#862 Define the configurations of simulation by using SAFRAN in French domain somebody enhancement major Driver files
#176 Improve error exception message for parallel simulation (> 1) when there is a single grid to check jgipsl enhancement minor Model architecture
#458 Crash in land cover change subroutine at the end of the year when using Periodlength=1M somebody defect minor IPSLCM6.v2 Anthropogenic processes
#558 leafci wrong indexlai somebody defect minor ORCHIDEE 4.0 Physical processes
#772 Routing and SPINUP_ANALYTIC_FG1 somebody defect minor ORCHIDEE 4.1 Physical processes
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