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Ticket Summary Priority Owner Status Created
#755 snow albedo value for tropical forest in pft_parameters.f90 major new 01/07/21
#762 diagnostic qsurf major somebody new 02/15/21

Not scheduled yet Release (72 matches)

Ticket Summary Priority Owner Status Created
#245 Clarify the coding and usage of frac_nobio major maignan accepted 05/19/16
#324 Which thermal properties on the nobio fraction major maignan assigned 12/13/16
#350 Improper use of vbeta in enerbil major aducharne assigned 02/28/17
#352 Error in computation of vbeta3pot major cottle assigned 03/23/17
#363 Implementation of XIOS and interaction with MPI major jpolcher assigned 04/21/17
#391 problem with ipslerr_p(MPI_ABORT) at obelix : model stays hanging major ajornet assigned 09/12/17
#395 ORCHIDEE crashes when using a land-use map with negative maxvegetfrac values major vladislav assigned 09/22/17
#396 Carbon mass conservation problem major nicolasviovy assigned 09/27/17
#404 Weird veget value for ibare_sechiba major maignan accepted 10/13/17
#450 Negative soil moisture values major aducharne accepted 09/20/18
#457 multi_layer_control major somebody new 10/12/18
#467 Understand the abrupt changes of vbeta major somebody assigned 12/03/18
#548 hardcoded year length not consistent with leap years major somebody new 03/20/19
#549 one_year variable unclear definition major somebody new 03/22/19
#550 stomate_cforcing wrong timestep calculation (gregorian calendar) major somebody new 03/22/19
#564 Problem with DGVM on unstructured grid in lps_establish major somebody new 05/22/19
#575 Problems with CRU-NCEP/v7.2/twodeg with orchideedriver ("new driver") major jpolcher assigned 06/19/19
#599 Mass balance closure in sechiba and slowproc major somebody new 09/19/19
#604 Need some cleaning of the variables and keywords for soil properties in thermosoil major aducharne accepted 10/10/19
#611 call to ioipsl subroutines must be checked and probably done only by the master thredds major somebody new 10/22/19
#641 Change in downregulation parametrization major cpipsl accepted 12/13/19
#684 Adjust FORCESOIL to latest changes to the trunk major somebody new 03/06/20
#691 pb with orchideedriver compiled in debug mode major somebody new 03/23/20
#692 flux can be computed with a surface temperature different from the actual temperature in case of snow major new 03/24/20
#741 Make the length of the leaffall dynamic major somebody new 11/27/20
#758 Grass and cropland phenology major somebody new 01/22/21
#35 Do we apply irrigation water to soil moisture of forests? major mguimberteau assigned 11/05/12
#94 Hauteur de deplacement dans l'interface surface atmosphere major fcheruy assigned 03/29/13
#504 Restore DGVM major somebody new 01/31/19
#510 cimean major somebody new 01/31/19
#580 Response of resp_maint to N-fertilization major somebody new 07/03/19
#683 Clean settings of the ENSEMBLE configuration major somebody new 03/06/20
#697 Adapt ENSEMBLE/SPINUP configurations to stop using IOIPSL alma_output major somebody new 04/07/20
#705 Use restarts for CL4 and CL5 major somebody new 04/11/20
#754 Check stomate output in sechiba history file major somebody new 12/30/20
#764 Restructure the variable harvest_pool major somebody new 03/06/21
#766 Add carbon leaching major somebody new 03/23/21
#106 Collaboration with CNRM on Validation data streams major peylin accepted 06/27/13
#230 ORCHIDEE and INCA coupling for biosphere-atmospheric chemistry interactions major lathiere accepted 02/12/16
#276 Activate multi-layer energy budget major somebody reopened 11/20/16
#472 Add reading with XIOS for new files for nitrogen input major jgipsl new 12/04/18
#567 Check that ok_mleb=T does not change the results major alanso assigned 06/03/19
#581 Add routing simple module major jgipsl new 07/05/19
#601 Add reading with XIOS for new files in sapiens_forestry.f90 major jgipsl assigned 10/03/19
#748 Check ipcc history files major somebody new 12/22/20
#468 Inexpected differences in t2m when forcing ORCHIDEE with qair and tair minor fcheruy assigned 12/03/18
#621 Ninput_year minor somebody new 11/08/19
#629 Ensure some variables are initialized in a way that would ensure their proper reinitialization minor somebody new 11/21/19
#706 interMonitoring minor somebody new 04/15/20
#29 Parameters values : z0_over_height, height_displacement, ct_karman minor fcheruy assigned 10/30/12
#56 Fruit and seed production minor assigned 12/17/12
#60 Re-write formulation of evap in fdiffuco minor aducharne assigned 12/17/12
#199 Passing prognostic variables as arguments in the subroutines that change them, even in their native module minor somebody new 09/22/15
#274 Move to a single canopy layering for BVOCs, GPP and albedo minor somebody new 11/20/16
#303 Revise stomate_growth_fun_all minor somebody new 11/29/16
#379 Create xios output for the multi-layer energy budget minor somebody new 06/23/17
#388 Incoherence in qsatcalc when temperature is too high minor peylin assigned 08/24/17
#416 Foreseen simplifications regarding the soil texture minor aducharne new 01/16/18
#436 Record gross species and management changes minor somebody new 03/29/18
#478 Check-list to do in order to run properly the Trunk minor peylin assigned 12/11/18
#521 Add coszang to LMDZ minor jgipsl accepted 01/31/19
#526 Clean AR5 and AR6 output minor somebody new 02/04/19
#685 read_lai and ok_stomate cannot be TRUE in the same time. minor somebody new 03/09/20
#729 Small remaining issues with TWBR minor somebody new 10/30/20
#253 Need for a unique reference land-sea mask at a given spatial resolution minor somebody new 09/06/16
#424 SECHIBA_QSINT change: standby ticket for further investigations minor somebody new 02/22/18
#552 Propose to remove option ALMA_OUTPUT=y with IOIPSL output minor somebody assigned 05/02/19
#569 Declare all arguments with there explicit size instead of DIMENSION(:,:) minor somebody new 06/03/19
#571 Automatic documentation minor mmcgrath accepted 06/11/19
#572 Vcmax25 no longer used minor somebody new 06/14/19
#616 Develop loss of frac_nobio in land cover change minor somebody new 10/25/19
#675 RIVER_ROUTING not compatible with cru-ncep forcings > 5.3.2 trivial somebody new 02/21/20

Objective 2019 Release (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Priority Owner Status Created
#484 Finalizing C permafrost in the trunc major bguenet new 01/09/19
#490 Contribute/lead merging of the gross land use change module after CAN into the trunc when a resolution is made major cyue new 01/21/19
#491 Reference Article corresponding to version V2.0 used in CMIP6 major peylin assigned 01/28/19
#493 GMD paper on soil hydrology for CMIP6 minor aducharne new 01/29/19

ORCHIDEE 2.0 Release (1 match)

Ticket Summary Priority Owner Status Created
#648 Problem with the soil carbon stock in the CMIP6 version major somebody new 01/02/20

ORCHIDEE 3.0 Release (19 matches)

Ticket Summary Priority Owner Status Created
#474 Adapt configurations after inclusion of ORCHIEE-CN in the trunk blocker nvuilsce assigned 12/04/18
#469 Inclusion of branch ORCHIDEE-CN in the trunk blocker nvuilsce new 12/03/18
#537 Soil carbon discretization from MICT into the trunk critical bguenet new 02/27/19
#546 Problem in Woody biomass critical nicolasviovy assigned 03/19/19
#476 Improvement/Tuning of the modelling of the Autotrophic Respiration critical luyssaert assigned 12/11/18
#477 Adding nitrogen-related variable outputs - CMIP6 data request critical cpipsl assigned 12/11/18
#543 Prepare Nitrogen-related input files for CMIP6 critical cpipsl assigned 03/11/19
#411 Problem with cim major maignan accepted 11/14/17
#419 Modification on co2_to_bm and respiration maintenance major maignan assigned 01/25/18
#642 snowdz with zero values at the end of explicitsnow_main major cottle assigned 12/17/19
#223 Problem in snow albedo computation major peylin reopened 01/15/16
#475 Improvement of the seasonal cylce of LAI for some PFTs major nvuilsce new 12/11/18
#769 Missing forcings for application of Manure major somebody new 03/25/21
#644 variables not consistent when OK_SOIL_DISCRETIZATION minor bguenet new 12/18/19
#672 error in writing snowage with ORCHIDEE trunk revision 6519 minor somebody new 02/17/20
#81 Moisture control on OM decomposition only defined per grid cell - Need changes minor bgunet assigned 01/22/13
#123 Simplification or revision of stomate_litter minor bguenet assigned 02/10/14
#547 Analysis of the Spatial heterogeneity of gpp minor peylin assigned 03/19/19
#579 Create cnleaf_map.nc for 15pfts minor nvuilsce new 07/02/19

ORCHIDEE 4.1 Release (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Priority Owner Status Created
#771 Land use change crash in FG1trans blocker somebody new 04/22/21
#701 Resolve attribution between transpiration and evaporation critical somebody new 04/09/20
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