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Change id names for axis_ref names in xios_orchidee.f90

Reported by: jgipsl Owned by: jgipsl
Priority: major Milestone: IPSLCM6.v1
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Proposition to change the axis_ref names for vertical axes in xios_orchidee.f90 and field_def_orchidee.xml. The new names will correspond to the name of the variables to make it easier to remember.

variable name	        current axis_ref	new axis_ref
nvm			"veget/PFT"		"nvm"
nlai+1			"laiax"			"nlaip1"
ngrnd			"solth"			"ngrnd"
nstm			"soiltyp"		"nstm"
nnbio			"nobio"			"nnobio"
nslm			"solay"			"nslm"
nbdl			"soildiag"		"nbdl"
nsnow			"snowlev"		"nsnow"

Note that there are currently 2 axis for nvm: veget and PFT. It is enough to have one. Following axes do not correspond to a variable in the code but only to a scalar. They will not be changed.

2			"albtyp"		"albtyp"
10			"P10"			"P10"
100			"P100"			"P100"
11			"P11"			"P11"
101			"P101"			"P101"

Currently the name of the dimension are set by default to the axis_ref id. But this can easily be changed by adding name="toto" in context_orchidee.xml file. The name in the output files can therefore be kept as before when the changes of axis_ref are done. For example, in context_orchidee.xml :

    <axis id="veget" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Vegetation types" unit="1"/>

After change:

   <axis id="nvm" name="veget" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Vegetation types" unit="1"/>

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Done rev [3111].

Note: axis "veget" and "PFT" now is the same axis. They must have the same name, currently "veget".

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by jgipsl

In stomate.card, in section for time series, PFT axis was set in the list GatherWithInternal. This means that the variable "PFT" should be included in each time series. As the axis PFT changed name into veget, this should be changed in stomate.card. But currently this variable is only a serie of numbers from 1 to 13. Therefor to simplify it has been removed. If it was changed it would have been difficult to run older versions of ORCHIDEE.

PFT has been removed, see rev [3214]

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