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Externalization of CWRR parameters

Reported by: dsolyga Owned by: dsolyga
Priority: major Milestone: ORCHIDEE 1.9.7
Component: Physical processes Version: orchidee_1_9_6
Keywords: externalization, hydrology, CWRR Cc:


The parameters for the CWRR hydrology are not externalized in the trunk. I propose a list of potential parameters which could be externalized.
I listed the parameters for the modules constantes_soil, hydrol and routing. I put N (NO) to parameters I considered constants (physical constants, fixed values...).

Module Name Y/N
constantes_soil so_cond N
so_capa N
so_capa_dry N
so_cond_dry N
so_capa_wet N
so_cond_wet N
sn_cond N
sn_dens N
nbint N

Module Subroutine Y/N
hydrol drain_rest_cste
hydrol_var_init n0
hydrol_var_init nk_rel
hydrol_var_init ak_rel
hydrol_soil frac_mcs
routing beta

If you think of another parameters to externalize, you can complete
the list.

Cleaning :

Could we delete the following variables ?

constantes_soil :

  INTEGER, SAVE :: jsc_default = 2
 REAL(r_std),DIMENSION(nstm),SAVE :: soiltype_default = &    
 & (/ 0.0, 1.0, 0.0 /)  
  INTEGER(i_std),PARAMETER :: nslm_min=10     
  INTEGER(i_std),PARAMETER :: nslm_max=13   

routing :

routing.f90:  REAL(r_std), PARAMETER  :: pond_bas = 50.0           

Suggestions :

  • The different set of parameters used for the different soils classification may be unified.
  • With Nicolas we also suggest to think of a generic pre-treatement where it could be possible to associate different PFTS to different soil types.

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Add list of parameters in excel format
CWRR_parameters_12112012.ods (8.7 KB) - added by dsolyga 10 years ago.
Add updated list of parameters
CWRR_parameters_AD2.xls (22.5 KB) - added by dsolyga 10 years ago.

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Add list of parameters in excel format

comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by dsolyga

  • Status changed from new to accepted

Update (25/10/2012) :

I found also that the parameter frac_mcs in hydrol_soil was not used :

    REAL(r_std), PARAMETER          :: frac_mcs = 0.66            !! temporary depth 

Should we delete it ?

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by dsolyga

Parameters list updated before final discussion (1st synthesis of the discussion) :

Module Subroutine Parameter Name Description To externalize Keyword
constantes_soil so_cond Average Thermal Conductivity of soils To discuss
constantes_soil so_capaAverage Heat capacity of soils To discuss
constantes_soil so_cond_dryDry soil Thermal Conductivity of soils Y
constantes_soil so_capa_wetWet soil Heat capacity of soils Y
constantes_soil so_cond_wetWet soil Thermal Conductivity of soils Y
constantes_soil sn_condThermal Conductivity of snow Y
constantes_soil sn_densSnow density for the soil thermodynamics Y
constantes_soil qwiltWilting point To discuss
constantes_soil min_resdisThe minimal size we allow for the upper reservoir To discuss
constantes_soilmin_drainDiffusion constant for the slow regime To discuss
constantes_soilmax_drainDiffusion constant for the fast regime To discuss
constantes_soilexp_drainThe exponential in the diffusion law To discuss
constantes_soilmx_eau_eauMaximum quantity of water To discuss
constantes_soilrsol_csteConstant in the computation of resistance for bare soil evaporation Y
constantes_soilhcrit_litterScaling depth for litter humidityTo discuss
constantes_soilnscmNumber of soil texture classes – WARNING clarify link with nbtext & nstm To discuss
constantes_soilnbintNumber of interval for CWRR N
constantes_soilw_timeTime weighting for discretisationN
constantes_soildpu_maxMaximum depth of soil reservoir Y
hydrol drain_rest_cstetime constant in days to return to free drainage after return flow Deletion
hydrol nvanVan Genuchten coeficients nY
hydrol avanVan Genuchten coeficients aY
hydrol mcrResidual humidityY
hydrol mcsSaturation humidityY
hydrol ksHydraulic conductivity Saturation for each soil type Y
hydrol dsHydraulic diffusivity for each soil type and soil level Y
hydrol pcentFraction of saturated volumetric soil moisture above which transpir is max Y
hydrol free_drain_maxMax value of the permeability coeff at the bottom of the soilY
hydrol mcfField capacity Y
hydrol mcwWilting point Y
hydrol mc_awetVol. wat. cont. above which albedo is cst Y
hydrol mc_adryVol. wat. cont. below which albedo is cst Y
hydrol psisMatrix potential at saturation Y
hydrolhydrol_var_initn0 fitted value for relation log((n-n0)/(n_ref-n0)) = nk_rel * log(k/k_ref) To discuss
hydrolhydrol_var_initnk_rel fitted value for relation log((n-n0)/(n_ref-n0)) = nk_rel * log(k/k_ref ) To discuss
hydrolhydrol_var_initak_rel fitted value for relation log((n-n0)/(n_ref-n0)) = nk_rel * log(k/k_ref) To discuss
hydrolhydrol_var_initf_ksexponential factor for decay of ksat with depth Y
hydrolhydrol_var_initdp_compdepth at which the 'compacted value' (Van Genuchten) of ksat is reached Y
hydrolhydrol_var_initkfact_maxMaximum factor for K due to depth Y
routingbetaParameter to fix the shape of the floodplain Y
routingbetapRatio of the basin surface intercepted by ponds and the maximum surface of ponds Y
routingfloodcriPotential height for which all the basin is flooded Y
routingpondcriPotential height for which all the basin is a pond Y
routingmin_reservoir A minimum amount of water in the reservoir To discuss
routingcrop_coefEmpirical crop coefficient dependent on vegetation characteristics To discuss

Changed 10 years ago by dsolyga

Add updated list of parameters

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by dsolyga

Meeting (13/11/2012) :

The list of the parameters was discussed. In addition to the externalization, it was decided to clean the code :

  • so_cond and so_capa will be calculated (see ticket #39).
  • qwilt will be deleted. In hydrolc, we will replace the following line :
    IF (dsp(ji,jv).GT.(dpu_max - (qwilt / ruu_ch(ji))) .OR. bqsb(ji,jv) THEN
    by :
    IF (dsp(ji,jv).GT.(dpu_max - min_sechiba) .OR. bqsb(ji,jv) THEN
  • rename mx_eau_eau in mx_eau_nobio. When mx_eau_eau was used for a pft, it will be replaced by the pft-parameter wmax_veg. mx_eau_eau was used in hydrolc :
    ! lakes, ice, cities...
    mx_eau_var(ji) = mx_eau_eau*dpu_max
  • In hydrol, delete the fao2 classification. Replace deux by dpu_max when it is the case.
  • The set of CWRR parameters nvan, avan, ks, mcr, mcs, mcw, mcf cannot have arbitrary values because these parameters are linked to the soil texture. Need to be discussed.
  • routing : the parameter crop_coef will be deleted. min_reservoir could be replaced by min_sechiba.

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by aducharne

Parameter psis:

1) in constantes_soil.f90, two sets of values are defined, for FAO and USDA textural classifications (with 3 and 12 classes respectively). In all cases, psis= -300 mm.
2) in hydrol.f90, psis is defined from either psis_fao or psis_usda, but psis is not used further in the code.

If I understood correctly, psis from Carsel and Parrish corresponds to 1/alpha from Van Genuchten, and psis could be cleaned out from the code.

Changed 10 years ago by dsolyga

comment:5 Changed 10 years ago by dsolyga

  • Milestone changed from ORCHIDEE 2.0 to ORCHIDEE 1.9.7
  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from accepted to closed

The list of keywords for the parameters (except routing) used could be found in CWRR_parameters_AD2.xls. For the routing parameters,the following keywords have
been defined :

Parameter Name Keyword
floodcri FLOOD_CRI
pondcri POND_CRI

Externalization done. See commit [1082].
By the same occasion, the code was simplified :

  • Deletion of fao2 classification
  • Deletion of Choisnel parameters : qwilt, min_resdis
  • Deletion of CWRR parameters : psis, ds, free_drain_cte
  • Deletion of routing parameters : min_reservoir, crop_coef
  • mx_eau_eau is renamed as mx_eau_nobio
  • in hydrolc.f90: mx_eau_eau is replaced by wmax_veg when necessary.
  • Calculation of so_cond and so_capa : see #39

The updated list of parameters is available on Documentation/OrchideeParameters.

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