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Add nudging of soil moisture and snow variables

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Priority: minor Milestone: ORCHIDEE 3.0
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Description (last modified by jgipsl)

Nudging of soil moisture and snow variables is included in LS3MIP project and the possibility of nudging has therefor be added in ORCHIDEE. This has been done revision [4565] in trunk ORCHIDEE. Some remaing issues need to be treated.

Activating nudging

  • Use version 1183 or later of XIOS trunk
  • Following variables activates the nudging (default no nudging), to be set in run.def:
  • The model will read yearly nugding files with daily variables. The files should be named (containg the variables moistc) and (contining the variables snowdz, snowrho and snowtemp). For a test case, set in orchidee.card(read about the files here ${R_IN}/SRF/NUDGE_FILES/clim_v0/README) :
    ListNonDel= (${R_IN}/SRF/NUDGE_FILES/clim_v0/,, \
  • At ada, to run LMDZOR with nudging, set in config.card 70MPI*8OMP for gcm.e and 1MPI for the server. Set maximum as_limit=28gb. At curie, use 53MPI*8OMP for gcm.e and 1MPI for the server.

Remaing questions related to the implementation

  • 1) There is a bug wchich makes it impossible to run LMDZOR using default 71MPI. Less MPI must be used. Following error message is returned:
    50:lmdz.x: /workgpfs/rech/lmd/rlmd979/LMDZOR/nudge/ENDJULY/modipsl_prodDebutAout/modeles/XIOS/extern/remap
    /src/polyg.cpp:54: sphereRemap::Coord sphereRemap::barycentre(const sphereRemap::Coord *, int): Assertion 
    `squaredist(bc, proj(bc)) <= squaredist(bc, proj(bc * (-1.0)))' failed.
  • 2) Review of the behaviour for default values. Currentely in the first revision commited, if no points with valid values are found on the source grid/input file for a model grid-cell, this grid cell will have a default value (set in field_def). The default values are :
    • 0.2 for mc
    • 0 for snowdz
    • 50 for snowrho
    • 273 for snowtemp
  • 3) There is a problem with the output diagnostic varaible with id="mask_mc_interp_out". When this field is set in file_def_orchidee.xml in out of the output files, a bug is seen and influencing the mc_read_next variable. This has to be resolved.
  • 4) Proposition to simplify the code: remove the xios_orchidee_send_field for the variables mc_read_prev, mc_read_next, snowdz_read_prev, snowdz_read_next, snowrho_read_prev, snowrho_read_next, snowtemp_read_prev, snowtemp_read_next. Note that the variables mc_read_current, snowdz_read_current, snowrho_current and snowtemp_current will be kept to have a possibility to check the interpolation. Also the variables mask_mc_interp_out and mask_snow_interp_out exist in the output and can be used for validating the interpolation.

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Workaround without interpolation due to problems no yet resolved

There are still problems with the reading and/or interpolating of the input files using XIOS. Therfore a new possibility to read nudging variables without interpolating has been added in the trunk revision [4636]. The new method is activated setting NUDGE_INTERPOL_WITH_XIOS=n when activating OK_NUDGE_MC and/or OK_NUDGE_SNOW. The input soil moisture file must be contain a variable per soiltile: moistc_1, moistc_2 and moistc_3. A new file is created based on moistc_clim_2001_2020.n and add in the shared repository:


comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by jgipsl

Bug correction revision [4639] for reading with option NUDGE_INTERPOL_WITH_XIOS=n. Missing SAVE on file id...

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by jgipsl

  • Milestone changed from IPSLCM6.v1 to ORCHIDEE 3.0

In the trunk rev [4770] default value for NUDGE_INTERPOL_WITH_XIOS is set to false.

Now left in this ticket is only related to lecture and interpolation with XIOS. In the ORCHIDEE2.0 version we will only use option "NUDGE_INTERPOL_WITH_XIOS=n" without interpolation.
Therefor this ticket is pushed to milestone ORCHIDEE3.0.

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Correction done in the trunk rev [6186]. Nudging with NUDGE_INTERPOL_WITH_XIOS=y is now ok. Test done at irene only. Note that for soil moisture, the input file structure is different reading with XIOS or not. Following files are used at irene:


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