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#403 closed defect (fixed)

dt_sechiba is not initialized but used

Reported by: ajornet Owned by: jgipsl
Priority: major Milestone: ORCHIDEE 2.0
Component: Driver files Version: trunc
Keywords: driver, dt_sechiba Cc:


dt_sechiba is not initilized but used anyway.


forrtl: error (182): floating invalid - possible uninitialized real/complex variable.
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source
orchidee_debug     00000000034630F5  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
orchidee_debug     0000000003460D17  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
orchidee_debug     000000000341CE54  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
orchidee_debug     000000000341CC66  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
orchidee_debug     00000000033CEB76  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
orchidee_debug     00000000033D26E7  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown    00002B4E249727E0  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
orchidee_debug     0000000000D0DAC5  constantes_mp_con         377  constantes.f90
orchidee_debug     00000000017E0602  control_mp_contro         416  control.f90
orchidee_debug     0000000000D681C4  intersurf_mp_inte         218  intersurf.f90
orchidee_debug     0000000000CB757E  MAIN__                   1217  dim2_driver.f90
orchidee_debug     0000000000C24A5E  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown          00002B4E24B9ED1D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
orchidee_debug     0000000000C24969  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

Source code:

    ! set a value for one_day because at this moment it has not yet been initialized (done by ioget_calendar)
    IF (nudge_tau_mc < dt_sechiba/rne_day) CALL ipslerr_p(3, 'hydrol_initialize', &
         'NUDGE_TAU_MC is smaller than the time step in sechiba which is not allowed.', &
         'Set NUDGE_TAU_MC higher or equal to dt_sechiba/one_day','')

Since the introduction of the time module, it seems dt_sechiba is used but not previously initialised.

Tested on Curie with intel compiler 16.

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by jgipsl

  • Milestone set to ORCHIDEE 2.0
  • Owner changed from somebody to jgipsl
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comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by ajornet

Possible fix:

[p529jorn@curie70 ORCHIDEE_TRUNK]$ svn diff
Index: src_sechiba/intersurf.f90
--- src_sechiba/intersurf.f90	(revision 4683)
+++ src_sechiba/intersurf.f90	(working copy)
@@ -212,13 +212,14 @@
     CALL ipslnlf_p(new_number=numout,old_number=old_fileout)
+    ! Initialize variables in module time
+    CALL time_initialize(kjit, date0, xrdt, "END")
     !  Configuration of SSL specific parameters
     CALL control_initialize
-    ! Initialize variables in module time
-    CALL time_initialize(kjit, date0, xrdt, "END")
     ! Initialize specific write level

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by jgipsl

  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from accepted to closed

Done in the trunk rev [4689]

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