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Test with LMDZ

Reported by: jgipsl Owned by: jgipsl
Priority: critical Milestone: IPSLCM6.v2
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Test the standard test cases run LMDZ and ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN

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comment:1 Changed 16 months ago by jgipsl

The model was running using MPI only when coupled to LMDZ. Following commit was needed to run in hybrid mode using mixte MPI and OpenMP : [6327]

The script checkprivate.x was used to find missing OMP THREADPRIVATE . This script is developed for LMDZ by Jean-Yves Grandpeix and can be found here : http://www.lmd.jussieu.fr/~jyg/LMDZ/

comment:2 Changed 16 months ago by jgipsl

Following was done to set up a LMDZOR run with configuration LMDZOR_v6.3_work

  1. Extract LMDZOR_v6.3_work but first change ORCHIDEE/trunk to CN-CAN for model and config ORCHIDEE_OL.
-#-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  trunk/ORCHIDEE                     HEAD    14   ORCHIDEE     modeles
+#-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  branches/ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN/ORCHIDEE  HEAD    14   ORCHIDEE     modeles
 #-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  LMDZ6/branches/IPSLCM6.0.15        3564    11   LMDZ         modeles
-#-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  trunk/ORCHIDEE_OL                  HEAD    14   ORCHIDEE_OL  config
+#-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  branches/ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN/ORCHIDEE_OL   HEAD    14   ORCHIDEE_OL  config
  1. Copy orchidee.def and orchidee_pft.def_xxx from ORCHIDEE_OL FG2 simulation setup:
    cd modipsl/config/LMDZOR_v6
  2. Inlcude orchidee_pft.def in run.def, add in GENERAL/PARAM/run.def
  3. Set default values for some parameters in orchidee.def related to IOIPSL output and SPINUP_ANALYTIC. These parameters are modified by the orchidee_ol.driver in ORCHIDEE_OL but they are not handled in the coupled configurations. Modify in orchidee.def to have:
    WRITE_STEP = 0
    WRITE_STEP2 = 0 
  4. Adapt orchidee.card to copy the correct orchidee.def and orchidee_pft.def files. Adapt the PFTmap according to the choosen orchidee_pft.def, here the default with 15pfts is used so no need to change. Change in orchidee.card:
    List=	(${SUBMIT_DIR}/PARAM/orchidee.def, orchidee.def)   ,\
            (${SUBMIT_DIR}/PARAM/orchidee_pft.def_${DefSuffix}, orchidee_pft.def)   ,\
    List=   (out_orchidee, orchidee.def, orchidee_pft.def, used_orchidee.def, used_orchidee_pft.def, iodef.xml, context_orchidee.xml, context_input_orchidee.xml, field_def_orchidee.xml, file_def_orchidee.xml, river_desc.nc)

comment:3 Changed 16 months ago by jgipsl

Using the set up as above, test with EXEXPERMIENT/LMDZOR/clim_pdControl and EXPERMIENT/LMDZOR/amip have been successfully done for 6days each, using compilation mode prod, default set up for MPI and OMP.

comment:4 Changed 12 months ago by jgipsl

Created first version of configuration LMDZOR_v6.4:

Add configuration to be extracted:

You can now extract in a new modipsl, using

./model LMDZOR_v6.4_work

Tests for 6 days have been done at obelix, ciclad, irene and jean-zay for at least one of the experiments.

comment:5 Changed 12 months ago by jgipsl

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