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Test with LMDZ

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Priority: critical Milestone: IPSLCM6.v2
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Test the standard test cases run LMDZ and ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN

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comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by jgipsl

The model was running using MPI only when coupled to LMDZ. Following commit was needed to run in hybrid mode using mixte MPI and OpenMP : [6327]

The script checkprivate.x was used to find missing OMP THREADPRIVATE . This script is developed for LMDZ by Jean-Yves Grandpeix and can be found here :

comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by jgipsl

Following was done to set up a LMDZOR run with configuration LMDZOR_v6.3_work

  1. Extract LMDZOR_v6.3_work but first change ORCHIDEE/trunk to CN-CAN for model and config ORCHIDEE_OL.
-#-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  trunk/ORCHIDEE                     HEAD    14   ORCHIDEE     modeles
+#-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  branches/ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN/ORCHIDEE  HEAD    14   ORCHIDEE     modeles
 #-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  LMDZ6/branches/IPSLCM6.0.15        3564    11   LMDZ         modeles
-#-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  trunk/ORCHIDEE_OL                  HEAD    14   ORCHIDEE_OL  config
+#-C- LMDZOR_v6.3_work  branches/ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN/ORCHIDEE_OL   HEAD    14   ORCHIDEE_OL  config
  1. Copy orchidee.def and orchidee_pft.def_xxx from ORCHIDEE_OL FG2 simulation setup:
    cd modipsl/config/LMDZOR_v6
  2. Inlcude orchidee_pft.def in run.def, add in GENERAL/PARAM/run.def
  3. Set default values for some parameters in orchidee.def related to IOIPSL output and SPINUP_ANALYTIC. These parameters are modified by the orchidee_ol.driver in ORCHIDEE_OL but they are not handled in the coupled configurations. Modify in orchidee.def to have:
    WRITE_STEP = 0
    WRITE_STEP2 = 0 
  4. Adapt orchidee.card to copy the correct orchidee.def and orchidee_pft.def files. Adapt the PFTmap according to the choosen orchidee_pft.def, here the default with 15pfts is used so no need to change. Change in orchidee.card:
    List=	(${SUBMIT_DIR}/PARAM/orchidee.def, orchidee.def)   ,\
            (${SUBMIT_DIR}/PARAM/orchidee_pft.def_${DefSuffix}, orchidee_pft.def)   ,\
    List=   (out_orchidee, orchidee.def, orchidee_pft.def, used_orchidee.def, used_orchidee_pft.def, iodef.xml, context_orchidee.xml, context_input_orchidee.xml, field_def_orchidee.xml, file_def_orchidee.xml,

comment:3 Changed 4 years ago by jgipsl

Using the set up as above, test with EXEXPERMIENT/LMDZOR/clim_pdControl and EXPERMIENT/LMDZOR/amip have been successfully done for 6days each, using compilation mode prod, default set up for MPI and OMP.

comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by jgipsl

Created first version of configuration LMDZOR_v6.4:

Add configuration to be extracted:

You can now extract in a new modipsl, using

./model LMDZOR_v6.4_work

Tests for 6 days have been done at obelix, ciclad, irene and jean-zay for at least one of the experiments.

comment:5 Changed 4 years ago by jgipsl

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