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Reviewed and revised documentation
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Name changed from Configurations/SpinUpJobs? to Scripts/SpinUpJobs (diff)
16:09 Scripts/FluxnetValidation/PostTreatment created by nvuilsce
15:59 Scripts/Ensemble created by nvuilsce
15:31 Scripts/FluxnetValidation/DataProcessing created by nvuilsce
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Name changed from Configurations/FluxnetValidation? to … (diff)
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Name changed from Configurations to Scripts (diff)
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Name changed from Drivers to Forcings (diff)


22:48 Changeset [742] by fabienne.maignan
Add comment relative to the 0.8855 constant in diffuco.f90
22:07 Changeset [741] by fabienne.maignan
Final version of constantes_co2.f90


16:55 Changeset [740] by didier.solyga
Correct flux_scinsec operator : it uses now double precision. Comment …
14:53 Changeset [739] by martial.mancip
Move all initialization getins in hydrolc_init.
11:13 Changeset [738] by martial.mancip
Add testMPI precompilation key to check all MPI transfer functions in a …
09:35 Changeset [737] by didier.solyga
Correct units for bqsb and gqsb. Improve documentation
08:25 Changeset [736] by didier.solyga
Correct spinup algorithm : wrong initialization of previous stock and …


12:39 Changeset [735] by jan.polcher
Merge of the documentation of hydrol.f90 into current version


16:20 Changeset [734] by didier.solyga
Correct sechiba CMOR outputs.
15:50 Ticket #9 (SECHIBA CMOR outputs) created by dsolyga
(From Agnès Ducharne, Frédérique Cheruy and Marie-Alice Foujols) The 6 …
09:25 Ticket #8 (Uncorrect writting in the stomate_Cforcing file) created by nvuilsce
Since tag, change in the way that stomate_Cforcing file is fill …


15:45 Changeset [733] by didier.solyga
Improve documentation of the new modules.


17:04 Changeset [732] by didier.solyga
Update weather module in order to respect documentation protocol
12:22 Changeset [731] by didier.solyga
Update modules in order to respect the documentation protocol


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10:56 gdb-quickref.pdf attached to Documentation/UserGuide/IDB by luyssaert
Quick refere,nce to IDB syntax
10:54 Documentation/UserGuide/IDB created by luyssaert
10:23 Tools edited by luyssaert


19:35 Changeset [730] by bertrand.guenet
update of the def to take into account the N settings
19:33 Changeset [729] by bertrand.guenet
update of the driver to take into account the N settings
19:33 Changeset [728] by bertrand.guenet
update of the driver to take into account the N settings


17:11 Documentation/Forcings edited by mafoipsl


13:06 Documentation/Forcings edited by mafoipsl


17:20 Changeset [727] by bertrand.guenet
review done
14:33 Changeset [726] by martial.mancip
Multi forcing files version for scripts.
12:32 Changeset [725] by martial.mancip
Multi forcing files version ! You can have separate forcing files for each …
12:09 Changeset [724] by martial.mancip
Add reduce_min parallel function for optimization of memory with HF …


17:02 Changeset [723] by didier.solyga
Undo wrong modifications in intersurf.
16:56 Changeset [722] by didier.solyga
Undo wrong modifications
15:54 Changeset [721] by didier.solyga
Correct wrong CMOR outputs. Add documentation for qsat_moiqture module.
14:58 Changeset [720] by didier.solyga
Add svn headers for all modules. Improve documentation of the parameters. …


16:37 Documentation/ORCHIDEE_DOC edited by maignan
15:03 Changeset [719] by didier.solyga
First version of the scripts for a multi-annual automatic spinup
14:56 Changeset [718] by didier.solyga
Correct wrong restget and restput for ok_spinup
12:19 Changeset [717] by didier.solyga
Delete wrong copies in James directory
12:16 Documentation/ORCHIDEE_DOC edited by luyssaert
11:37 Changeset [716] by martial.mancip
Parallel readdin of forcing file. Not yet tested with WG. Use with IOIPSL …
11:25 Changeset [715] by james.ryder
copying ORCHIDEE_OL from tag 1_9_5_2 to my pd
11:22 Changeset [714] by james.ryder
copying ORCHIDEE from tag 1_9_5_2 to my pd
09:34 Documentation/Forcings edited by nvuilsce


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15:54 Changeset [713] by jan.polcher
Correction of a time steping error. This is more a patch than a correction …
15:14 DevelopmentActivities/AccelerationSpinup edited by dsolyga
14:46 Changeset [712] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Copy ORCHIDEE into my personal directory
14:18 DevelopmentActivities/AccelerationSpinup edited by dsolyga


12:23 Changeset [711] by didier.solyga
Correct documented stomate modules for compilation
12:22 Changeset [710] by didier.solyga
Correct sechiba modules for compilation


16:12 Changeset [709] by jan.polcher
This version includes the documentation of the module as well as a small …
15:47 Changeset [708] by jan.polcher
Some histput were not behind the almaoutput flag thus causing a fatal …
11:12 Changeset [707] by fabienne.maignan
Editing done
10:21 mk_grid.f90 attached to Documentation/Forcings by maignan
10:21 Documentation/Forcings edited by maignan


22:09 Changeset [706] by fabienne.maignan
Editing done
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Editing done
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