18:10 Changeset [1135] by chao.yue
cf_coarse histdef corrected
17:10 Scripts/FluxnetValidation/DataProcessing edited by nvuilsce
17:02 Ticket #75 (Inconsistency in fire module) created by dsolyga
in lpj_fire.f90, the variable residue is calculated differently according …
16:49 Changeset [1134] by didier.solyga
Update MERGE_FORESTRY branch : adapt fire module and add comments.
14:40 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
11:59 Changeset [1133] by chao.yue
d_i_surface threshold expressed as sperate variable
11:22 Documentation edited by dsolyga
11:04 Changeset [1132] by didier.solyga
Delete analytical spinup branch.
11:02 Changeset [1131] by didier.solyga
Synchronize MERGE-OCN branch with revision r1125 of trunk.
10:48 Ticket #74 (Incorrect formula in snow albedo) created by mmcgrath
It seems to me that there is a small problem with one of the formulas …
10:34 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
10:30 Ticket #73 (Snow density units, ds_snow) created by mmcgrath
In soil_constants.f90, the density of snow is given as unitless. […] …
10:18 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
09:13 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
08:57 Tools edited by dsolyga


14:48 Changeset [1130] by didier.solyga
Take Valentin comments for forestry modules. Externalize new parameters …


19:52 Changeset [1129] by didier.solyga
Correct bug in stomate_litter for analytical spinup.
17:40 Changeset [1128] by chao.yue
make the model able to be forced by observations of CF and BA
17:00 Changeset [1127] by didier.solyga
Forgot to add sechiba modules in my last commit. Merge r1125 from trunk.
16:50 Changeset [1126] by didier.solyga
Merge Forest Management into MERGE-OCN branch. Add documentation headers …
15:34 Changeset [1125] by didier.solyga
Bug correction in forcesoil : matrixA was not allocated in the good place …
09:03 Changeset [1124] by didier.solyga
Copy MERGE-OCN branch into my personal directory.
08:59 Changeset [1123] by didier.solyga
Delete MERGE_PHENO_SPIN_OMP version from my personal directory.
08:52 Changeset [1122] by didier.solyga
Synchronize MERGE-OCN with last revisions of the trunk (1117-1121).
08:40 Changeset [1121] by didier.solyga
Correct wrong OpenMP instruction in hydrol introduced in revision r1118.


17:26 Changeset [1120] by nicolas.vuichard
update for reading 3h reanalysis + new graphics
13:24 Ticket #72 (Incorrectly named/described snow albedo parameters) created by mmcgrath
In pft_parameters.f90, snowa_ini is referred to as the "Initial snow …


16:42 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
12:25 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
10:11 Ticket #71 (Missing INTENT statement) created by mmcgrath
In maint_respiration:stomate_resp.f90, the variable lai is declared …


17:10 Changeset [1119] by josefine.ghattas
Corrected implementation of free_drain_coef in hydrol_soil. No change for …


17:19 Changeset [1118] by josefine.ghattas
slowproc.f90 : slowproc_veget is modified to suppress fractions of …
15:30 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by mmcgrath
15:28 Changeset [1117] by anne.cozic
Add some correction to compile with fcm on curie


09:25 Changeset [1116] by didier.solyga
Merge revision [1112] into MERGE-OCN branch. No changes in results.


17:55 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
17:36 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
17:27 Ticket #70 (Why EndOfYear = FALSE ?) created by dsolyga
Why do we have EndOfYear? = .FALSE. at the ELSE statement (section 3.3) in …
17:20 Ticket #69 (totfrac_nobio) created by dsolyga
totfrac_nobio initialise a nnobio : strange and problematic if nnobio >1. …
17:15 Ticket #68 (Deletion of day counter) created by dsolyga
The variable day_counter in slowproc module seems no be used any more to …
17:07 Ticket #67 (Need flexible index for bare soil) created by dsolyga
Bare soil should not be set necessarely to the first element of PFT-array. …
17:01 Ticket #66 (Documentation for technical modules (src_parallel, watchout)) created by dsolyga
The technical modules in the code are not documented. That concerns all …
16:56 Ticket #65 (What is stomate_watchout ?) created by dsolyga
For what purpose do we use stomate_watchout? In intersurf, it is …
16:01 Ticket #64 (Harmonize argument lists) created by luyssaert
In stomate_lpj (but also in other subroutines) long argument lists are …
14:58 Ticket #63 (Harmonize section numbering) created by luyssaert
comments section numbering is either one overall the module or specific …
14:57 Ticket #62 (revisit dew and snow sublimation calculations) created by luyssaert
dew and snow sublimation calculations should be revisited - to be …
14:55 Ticket #61 (evapot declared but not used) created by luyssaert
evapot declared but not used in diffuco
14:55 Ticket #60 (Re-write formulation of evap in fdiffuco) created by luyssaert
Re-write formulations of evap by deleting vbeta and valphas in order to be …
14:54 Ticket #59 (valpha in diffuco can be deleted) created by luyssaert
valpha in diffuco can be deleted. Valpha is always 1.
14:42 Ticket #58 (Clarify time steps) created by luyssaert
dtradia, dtslow: to clarify somewhere what are the 'standard' values used …
14:41 Ticket #57 (Units of temp_sol) created by luyssaert
temp_sol variable units should be checked. Consistency with intersurf …
14:39 Ticket #56 (Fruit and seed production) created by luyssaert
to add a PFT-dependency and limitation dependency on tax for fruits and …
14:38 Ticket #55 (Harmonize WRITE(numout,*) statements) created by luyssaert
in the write(*,numout) instructions, it would be good to name the …
14:34 Ticket #54 (IF/ELSE statement in stomate_npp) created by luyssaert
The IF/ELSE statement in stomape_npp under section 3.3 seems not correct …
14:31 Ticket #53 (Maintenance respiration coefficients are calculated but not used) created by luyssaert
maintenance respiration coefficients are calculated in stomate_npp but not …
14:29 Ticket #52 (filename declaration in unlogic subroutine) created by luyssaert
The filename declaration for stomate_forcing_name variable is done in …
14:09 Ticket #51 (Harmonize variable label for the extinction coefficient) created by luyssaert
In constantes_co2 the extinction coefficient is defined as ext_coef and in …
14:07 Ticket #50 (variable t_maint in stomate_respiration) created by luyssaert
The variable t_maint is declared but not used in stomate_respiration
14:06 Ticket #49 (Heartwood respiration) created by luyssaert
temperature dependency on respiration for heartwood is defined in …
14:04 Ticket #48 (Labelling of parameters) created by luyssaert
In constantes some variable names are not self explanatory or acronyms are …
14:02 Ticket #47 (Externalize parameters from phenology) created by luyssaert
some parameters values are coded in hard in the code (no parameter …
14:00 Ticket #46 (Phenology parameters differ from publication) created by luyssaert
parameter values in stomate_phenology differ from publication. This should …
13:55 GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer edited by luyssaert
13:38 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
13:34 Changeset [1115] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
New numerical scheme for functional allocation
10:36 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
10:22 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
10:11 Changeset [1114] by didier.solyga
Update scripts to work with latest version of trunk (rev 1100 and older).


18:55 Documentation/UserGuide/InstallingORCHIDEE edited by dsolyga
18:45 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga


16:43 SourceCode edited by dsolyga
16:38 Ticket #45 (Water limitation in diffuco_trans_co2) created by dsolyga
The following formulation used to calculate water limitation in diffuco : …
16:14 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
15:51 Changeset [1113] by didier.solyga
Add FM pft parameters in my personal directory.
14:29 Changeset [1112] by josefine.ghattas
Corrected bug.
12:18 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
11:52 Changeset [1111] by didier.solyga
I forgot to take into account revision [1028](interpolation correction for …
11:22 Changeset [1110] by didier.solyga
Synchronize MERGE-OCN branch : merge src_driver with revisions 1093:1102 …
11:20 Changeset [1109] by didier.solyga
Synchronize MERGE-OCN branch with revisions 1093:1102 of the trunk.
11:17 Changeset [1108] by josefine.ghattas
Linge too long.
09:32 Changeset [1107] by chao.yue
the level of a lot stomate output variables increased above 5
09:08 Changeset [1106] by chao.yue
the level of a lot stomate output variables increased above 5
09:06 Changeset [1105] by chao.yue
name for FIRE_CARBON change back to CO2_FIRE; a lot stomate output …


18:38 Changeset [1104] by chao.yue
update to enable change by r1055
17:06 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
17:05 DevelopmentActivities/AccelerationSpinup/ExtensionMethod edited by dsolyga
14:49 Changeset [1103] by chao.yue
bug in imblance of accumulated NBP and delta ecosystem carbon pool has …
11:37 SourceCode edited by dsolyga
11:29 Changeset [1102] by didier.solyga
Merge New phenology branch into the trunk.


09:05 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga


20:37 Changeset [1101] by didier.solyga
Correct gfortran compilation errors : line too long (> 132 characters) and …
18:36 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
16:33 Changeset [1100] by didier.solyga
Merge Spinup_analytic branch into the trunk.
13:54 Documentation/UserGuide/ParallelCoding edited by dsolyga
12:00 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
11:33 UserList/BilanDidier edited by dsolyga
11:29 Ticket #43 (Parameters simplification and definition (pft_parameters)) closed by dsolyga
10:29 Documentation/UserGuide/ParallelCoding created by dsolyga
09:11 Documentation/UserGuide edited by dsolyga
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