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11:00 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by jpolcher


17:27 Ticket #101 (storage of stomate_forcing and stomate_cforcing) created by jgipsl
Using the pack functionality with libIGCM it was not possible to store …
16:57 Changeset [1303] by josefine.ghattas
Change to have unlimited time axis for stomate_forcing.nc and …
11:12 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by mmcgrath
08:16 Changeset [1302] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
clean initialization of sapling biomass for trees, grasses and crops


22:22 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20122013 edited by peylin
22:08 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20122013 edited by peylin
22:06 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20122013 created by peylin
17:40 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat2012 edited by nvuilsce
Name changed from Meetings/Retreat? to Meetings/Retreat2012 (diff)
16:04 Meetings/Retreat2013 created by peylin
11:32 DevelopmentActivities/AccelerationSpinup/ExtensionMethod edited by nvuilsce
Name changed from branches/AccelerationSpinup/ExtensionMethod to … (diff)
10:16 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by mmcgrath
09:25 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by mmcgrath


19:02 Changeset [1301] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
replaced sapwood for grasses and crops by a structural carbon pool this …
14:44 GroupActivities/Meetings edited by peylin
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14:39 GroupActivities/Meetings edited by peylin


18:14 Changeset [1300] by nicolas.vuichard
update for new stagename and experimentname params
13:18 Documentation/UserGuide/Config edited by jgipsl
12:20 Changeset [1299] by josefine.ghattas
Do not take into account driver restart file while restarting a new …
11:59 Scripts/FluxnetValidation/PostTreatment edited by nvuilsce
11:58 Scripts/FluxnetValidation/PostTreatment edited by nvuilsce
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11:29 Scripts/Ensemble edited by nvuilsce
11:28 Scripts/Ensemble edited by nvuilsce


16:22 Changeset [1298] by matthew.mcgrath
merge -c 1280 from the trunk
16:13 Documentation/UserGuide/OrchideeVampir edited by acosce
14:26 Ticket #100 (variable ALLOW_INITPHENO not reproductible ?) created by jgipsl
Arnaud Caubel noticed using the AR5 version of ORCHIDEE in IPSLCM5A, that …
13:11 Changeset [1297] by matthew.mcgrath
Hiding some write statements


17:37 Branches/Assimilation/Implementation edited by mmaipsl
17:27 diff_ORCHIDEE_OL_Assimil-ORCHIDEE_OL_1_9_5_2.diff attached to Branches/Assimilation/Implementation by mmaipsl
Liste des différences entre le driver du TAG et le driver pour …
17:26 diff_ORCHIDEE_for_RESHAPE-ORCHIDEE_1_9_5_2.diff attached to Branches/Assimilation/Implementation by mmaipsl
Liste des différences entre le modèle TAG et le modèle pour …


15:48 Changeset [1296] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
bug fixed code runs on multiple pixels


14:14 Changeset [1295] by matthew.mcgrath
bug fix
13:39 Changeset [1294] by chao.yue
Add cap for CF for fuel of 100hr/1000hr
08:56 Changeset [1293] by matthew.mcgrath
bug fix


13:34 Changeset [1292] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
debugged allocation for all PFTs, parameters still need to be optimized


17:28 Changeset [1291] by matthew.mcgrath
albedo fully working with new allocation
11:30 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by mmcgrath


14:01 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by jryder
11:37 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by maignan
11:37 ocn-diff.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN/Poulter by nvuilsce
comparison between OCN 0.70 and 0.71
11:36 ocn-diffs.pptx attached to DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN/Poulter by nvuilsce
diff between 0.70 and 0.71 of OCN
11:36 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by maignan
11:35 DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN/Poulter edited by nvuilsce
10:57 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by mmcgrath


14:53 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by jryder
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17:07 Changeset [1290] by josefine.ghattas
Removed directory EXP00 : this directory contains scripts for compiling …
16:40 Changeset [1289] by chao.yue
correct the writing history of FIRE_NUMDAY
16:29 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by mmcgrath
16:26 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by mmcgrath
11:49 DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN edited by nvuilsce
11:41 DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN/Vuichard created by nvuilsce
11:40 DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN/Poulter created by nvuilsce
11:39 DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN edited by nvuilsce
11:39 DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN edited by nvuilsce
11:29 DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN edited by nvuilsce
11:26 Merge-OCN.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN by nvuilsce
Slides presented at the meeting (NVui)
11:25 chart_evolution_OCN.png attached to DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN by nvuilsce
the different versions of OCN at LSCE
11:23 DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN edited by nvuilsce
11:16 Tags/196/Daily_Interpolation edited by nvuilsce
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18:52 DevelopmentActivities/Orchidee-Stics/Merge_STICS_ORCHIDEE edited by xwu
18:50 list_of_crops_STICS.doc attached to DevelopmentActivities/Orchidee-Stics/Merge_STICS_ORCHIDEE by xwu
The most important crops that can be simulated by STICS.
17:52 Changeset [1288] by matthew.mcgrath
working multilayer albedo scheme, tied with new alloc


18:14 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by jryder
18:12 HowTo/FortranStandards edited by jryder
17:03 Changeset [1287] by josefine.ghattas
Removed PeriodNb? from config.card. This parameter is set in the Job_.
16:00 Changeset [1286] by matthew.mcgrath
divide by zero and uninit bugs
15:10 Changeset [1285] by matthew.mcgrath
initilizaion bug fixes...please check
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