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16:25 Documentation/UserGuide/ImposeVegetation edited by maignan
16:00 Changeset [1473] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
commented out some histwrites from product use that were causing problems
15:38 Changeset [1472] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
forgot a parameter
14:25 Ticket #110 (Splitting too long modules in src_parameters) created by jgipsl
Problem In src_parameters the modules are very long and in …
13:16 LandUse edited by luyssaert
13:15 LandUse edited by luyssaert
12:10 LandUse edited by luyssaert
11:54 Changeset [1471] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: 3 years. Bug fix in interpolation, LCC flags are working, LCC routine …
11:52 Ticket #109 (Latitudes and longitudes of the PFT map file are not read in all cases in ...) created by maignan
A bug has been discovered by the DOFOCO team (Matt and Sebastiaan): in …
11:42 Documentation/UserGuide edited by luyssaert


17:14 Changeset [1470] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: using a write flag for mass balances
17:06 Documentation/HistoryLevels edited by malassene
16:49 Changeset [1469] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV:Hiding write statements
16:41 Documentation/UserGuide edited by luyssaert
16:14 Documentation edited by jgipsl
14:56 Changeset [1468] by josefine.ghattas
Add exemple of spinup analytic using the cyclic method in libIGCM. This …
14:55 Changeset [1467] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: bug fix for total soil carbon output
14:06 Documentation/UserGuide/ImposeVegetation edited by luyssaert
13:56 Documentation/UserGuide/ImposeVegetation edited by luyssaert
13:49 Documentation/UserGuide/ImposeVegetation created by luyssaert
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11:28 Changeset [1466] by marta.camino
Copy ORCHIDEE_OL from tag 1_9_5_2 into my personal directory
11:27 Changeset [1465] by marta.camino
Copy ORCHIDEE from tag 1_9_5_2 into my personal directory
09:35 Changeset [1464] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: another bug fix
08:58 Changeset [1463] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: Unitialized bug fix


16:29 Projects edited by nvuilsce
16:23 Projects edited by nvuilsce
11:37 Changeset [1462] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: 5 years without warnings for all PFTs
09:36 Changeset [1461] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: grasses are killed properly
09:22 Changeset [1460] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: 40+ years for all PFTs. Some remaining issues with grasses and crops


22:27 Changeset [1459] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: 50 years forest only. Mass balanced is closed for all subroutines of …
18:12 Projects edited by nvuilsce
18:09 Projects created by nvuilsce
17:01 Changeset [1458] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: runs for 1 year (all PFTs). Contains many bug fixes but the one I'm …
11:27 Changeset [1457] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: mass balance closure for sapiens_gap
09:38 Changeset [1456] by matthew.mcgrath
200Y,PFT6: Coppicing and SRC appear to be running
08:50 Documentation/HistoryLevels edited by maignan
08:39 Documentation/HistoryLevels created by maignan
08:27 Documentation edited by maignan


11:39 Changeset [1455] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: bug fix
10:40 Changeset [1454] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: negative biomass check
09:53 Changeset [1453] by matthew.mcgrath
19Y,ALL: phenology bug fix


23:21 Changeset [1452] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: tested for 2 years on all PFTs. Closed the C balance for litter and …
14:29 Changeset [1451] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: trying to close the mass balance. Runs only for 12 years
12:06 Changeset [1450] by chao.yue
add human suppression function for lightning ignited fires


10:51 Changeset [1449] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: mass balance closure for all stomate_lpj calls except for LCC and …


15:22 Changeset [1448] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: bug fixes
09:03 Changeset [1447] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: first mass balance checks, bug fix in respiration


15:39 Changeset [1446] by matthew.mcgrath
Fixing mortality
11:01 Changeset [1445] by matthew.mcgrath
changes to coppicing...not finalized
10:46 Changeset [1444] by matthew.mcgrath
moving EndofYear? flag
09:54 Changeset [1443] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
LCC and product use are working. Still need to carefully check the units …


15:04 Changeset [1442] by matthew.mcgrath
Changing the dimensions of circ_class_kill to match harvest_pool
09:14 Changeset [1441] by matthew.mcgrath
Dimensions need to be integers, and deux is real


12:47 Changeset [1440] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
all harvest ends-up in a single pool, still some minor issues with …
10:31 Documentation/UserGuide edited by mmcgrath
09:43 Changeset [1439] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
another almost working LCC version committed to avoid too many conflicts …


16:34 Changeset [1438] by matthew.mcgrath
removing an extra variable
12:07 Changeset [1437] by matthew.mcgrath
checking for syncing of biomass
11:09 Changeset [1436] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
some code cleaning, contains the new lcc but still debugging this module


17:34 Changeset [1435] by matthew.mcgrath
harvesting based on annual increment


17:13 Changeset [1434] by matthew.mcgrath
Uninitialized bugs
11:19 Changeset [1433] by matthew.mcgrath
removing some histwrites which seem to cause trouble


17:04 Changeset [1432] by matthew.mcgrath
bug fix
16:37 Changeset [1431] by xiuchen.wu
change the carbon allocation processes for crop
15:49 Changeset [1430] by matthew.mcgrath
Changing variable names, harvest in absolute numbers
13:35 Changeset [1429] by matthew.mcgrath
Not sure why the compiler didn't catch this
10:21 Changeset [1428] by matthew.mcgrath
cleaned up albedo


17:13 Changeset [1427] by matthew.mcgrath
Bug fix for multilevel albedo
09:00 Documentation/UserGuide/OutputFiles edited by jryder


17:00 Documentation/UserGuide edited by jryder
16:59 Documentation/UserGuide/OutputFiles created by jryder
11:09 Changeset [1426] by matthew.mcgrath
Splitting lpj_gap to human and natural...cleaning


17:50 Changeset [1425] by matthew.mcgrath
files renamed
14:50 Changeset [1424] by matthew.mcgrath
Changing stomate_forestry to sapiens_forestry
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