11:48 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
11:12 Ticket #130 (Problem with interpolation of reference temperature in LMDZOR zoom mode) closed by jgipsl
wontfix: In rev [2441], the default is now to calculate the reference 2m …
10:58 Ticket #158 (Initialize t2m_longterm without reading file reftemp.nc) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Done rev [2441]
10:56 Changeset [2441] by josefine.ghattas
Ticket #158 Add option REFTEMP_FILE=NONE and set it to default option: …


11:31 Changeset [2440] by josefine.ghattas
Add test for correct usage.
11:17 Changeset [2439] by josefine.ghattas
Updated reference
08:37 Documentation/UserGuide edited by luyssaert


19:35 Documentation/UserGuide/DifferencesNetcdf edited by luyssaert
19:35 Documentation/UserGuide/DifferencesNetcdf edited by luyssaert
19:34 Documentation/UserGuide/DifferencesNetcdf edited by luyssaert
17:10 Ticket #120 (Array adressing issues discovered by pgf90 and gfortran) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Note: routing.f90 attached correspond to revision 1091 of ORCHIDEE/trunk. …
17:09 Changeset [2438] by josefine.ghattas
Correction related to use with pg90, see ticket #120
17:07 Changeset [2437] by xuhui.wang
new allocation scheme & fate of C
16:16 Ticket #92 (Remove ok_var variable) closed by jgipsl
fixed: ok_var function was removed in revision [2436]. The variables controlled …
16:09 Changeset [2436] by josefine.ghattas
Corrections in initalization phase. Ticket #92 sechiba.f90 - Removed …
16:08 Changeset [2435] by josefine.ghattas
- Initialize evap_bare_lim using evap_bare_lim_ns - add evap_bare_lim_ns …
11:39 Changeset [2434] by jinfeng.chang
trunk_GM with GM-Version-Nov.14


12:33 Changeset [2433] by josefine.ghattas
pcappa_supp is only calculated for option ok_freeze_thermix. Therefor here …


16:36 Ticket #158 (Initialize t2m_longterm without reading file reftemp.nc) created by jgipsl
Currently in the trunk: * get_reftemp is always applied in the beginning …
15:43 SourceCode/TestRev2425 edited by jgipsl
15:35 SourceCode/TestRev2425 edited by jgipsl
15:35 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
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12:58 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
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12:56 SourceCode/TestRev2425 edited by jgipsl


19:04 Changeset [2432] by josefine.ghattas
15:40 Documentation/UserGuide edited by maignan
14:38 Changeset [2431] by josefine.ghattas
Updated to version v5.3 of CRU-NCEP forcing files.


19:37 SourceCode/TestRev2425 edited by jgipsl
12:34 SourceCode/TestRev2425 edited by jgipsl


16:13 Changeset [2430] by josefine.ghattas
Now launch all configuration directly from main script.
15:54 Documentation/UserGuide/ReName created by luyssaert
15:50 Documentation/UserGuide edited by luyssaert
11:58 Changeset [2429] by josefine.ghattas
Change order : wiat for modification before checkin extraction and …
11:21 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
11:20 SourceCode/TestRev2425 created by jgipsl
11:19 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
11:08 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
10:04 Changeset [2428] by josefine.ghattas
Update ref in trusting.
09:55 Changeset [2427] by josefine.ghattas
Add script to easy update reference revision.
01:42 Changeset [2426] by xiuchen.wu
modify the deltai to min(deltai, maxideltai)


21:38 Documentation edited by peylin
21:38 Documentation/UserGuide edited by peylin
21:27 Documentation edited by peylin
21:23 Documentation edited by peylin
19:05 Ticket #157 (The 'beta' factor in enerbil during coupling with LMDZ) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Done in rev [2425]
19:04 Changeset [2425] by josefine.ghattas
Add beta factor. See ticket #157 Fuxing Wang
18:58 Changeset [2424] by josefine.ghattas
Always use ipslnlf_p instead of ipslnlf.
18:47 Documentation/UserGuide edited by jgipsl
18:46 Documentation/UserGuide/svnKeepUpdated created by jgipsl
17:43 Documentation/UserGuide/svnmerge edited by jgipsl
17:26 Ticket #157 (The 'beta' factor in enerbil during coupling with LMDZ) created by fwang
1. Problem: The derivation of the surface temperature as it is done in …
16:41 Documentation/UserGuide/svnmerge edited by luyssaert
13:59 Documentation edited by peylin
13:56 ORCHIDEE_Coding_Guidelines_v1.0.doc attached to Documentation by peylin
13:55 ORCHIDEE_Coding_Guidelines_v1.0.pdf attached to Documentation by peylin
13:52 Documentation edited by peylin
10:23 Changeset [2423] by xuhui.wang
daily forcing bug fixed
09:38 Ticket #156 (Bug - interpolation of SWdown with 'daily' forcing files) closed by nvuilsce
fixed: The bug has been fixed in the trunk, revision r2422. Change in the …
09:35 Changeset [2422] by nicolas.vuichard
Fix the bug on the interpolation of swdown with daily forcings. See ticket …
09:29 Ticket #156 (Bug - interpolation of SWdown with 'daily' forcing files) created by nvuilsce
Yiying Chen has detected a bug in the driver of ORCHIDEE, with the …


14:50 Changeset [2421] by xiuchen.wu
clean the text in the model
08:38 Documentation/UserGuide/VerifyClimate edited by luyssaert


22:24 Changeset [2420] by yiying.chen
DEV: fixed the bug for daily forcing interpolation with mean solar angle …
16:07 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
15:27 Changeset [2419] by josefine.ghattas
- Corrected case SOILTYPE_CLASSIF=usda to use new texture map with 12 …


10:22 Changeset [2418] by xiuchen.wu
correct the temperature option for wheat and maize--ISIMIP2
03:38 Changeset [2417] by xiuchen.wu
correct the photoperiod for temperate crops for ISIMIP2


20:17 Changeset [2416] by nicolas.najdovski
add recruitment to r2393
12:54 Changeset [2415] by josefine.ghattas
Modification due to change in simulation lenght for debug mode.
11:02 Changeset [2414] by jinfeng.chang
10:56 Changeset [2413] by jinfeng.chang
10:05 Changeset [2412] by pascal.maugis
modification profonde de la strategie et corrections mineures …


22:13 Changeset [2411] by nicolas.najdovski
Upgrade to revision 2393
20:36 Documentation/UserGuide/PresentDay edited by luyssaert
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15:25 Changeset [2410] by josefine.ghattas
Shortend test case.
15:24 Documentation/UserGuide/PresentDay edited by luyssaert
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09:18 Documentation/UserGuide/PreIndSim edited by luyssaert
00:37 Changeset [2409] by xuhui.wang
bug correction for alloc


18:18 Changeset [2408] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: species change is ready for large scale tests
16:14 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureForcing edited by mmcgrath
15:56 Documentation/UserGuide/PreIndSim edited by luyssaert
15:55 Documentation/UserGuide/PresentDay edited by luyssaert
15:34 Documentation/UserGuide/PreIndSim edited by luyssaert
14:50 Documentation/UserGuide/PresentDay edited by luyssaert
14:28 Changeset [2407] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: Replanting a new species after coppice cuts
12:05 Documentation/UserGuide edited by zpoussi
12:05 Documentation/UserGuide edited by zpoussi
11:57 HowTo_cdo_netcdf edited by zpoussi
11:57 Documentation/UserGuide/CDO edited by zpoussi
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11:54 Documentation/nco created by zpoussi
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11:28 HowTo_nco_netcdf edited by zpoussi
11:25 HowTo_nco_netcdf edited by zpoussi
first creation (diff)
11:20 HowTo_nco_netcdf created by zpoussi
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11:01 HowTo_cdo_netcdf created by zpoussi
10:53 Documentation/UserGuide/PreIndSim edited by luyssaert
10:28 Documentation/UserGuide/PresentDay edited by luyssaert
09:35 Changeset [2406] by matthew.mcgrath
DEV: Changing species after clearcut, part 1
09:28 Documentation/UserGuide/PresentDay created by luyssaert
09:27 Documentation/UserGuide edited by luyssaert


11:30 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureForcing edited by mmcgrath
11:30 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureForcing created by mmcgrath
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18:15 ORC_DEV_Fuxing_WANG_20141118.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer by peylin
Soil thermic Fuxing


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10:00 Documentation/UserGuide/VerifyClimate edited by luyssaert


18:13 Ticket #147 (Pb in calculation of pcapa, pcapa_en and pkappa) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Done in trunk rev [2405]
18:12 Changeset [2405] by josefine.ghattas
Initialize pcapa, pkappa and pcapa_en also for the 2 last layers. See …


02:47 Changeset [2404] by xiuchen.wu
change the output strategy
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.