21:49 GroupActivities/Training edited by maignan
21:47 Spinup_151022.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Training by maignan
18:11 GroupActivities/Training edited by mguimberteau
18:09 1510_ORCHIDEE_training_course_hydro11_routing_FORPRINT.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Training by mguimberteau
15:27 Changeset [2988] by nicolas.vuichard
update needed at ccrt
13:52 Changeset [2987] by albert.jornet
Clean: unnecessary conditional calls for the same case.
09:38 GroupActivities/Training edited by jgipsl
09:37 introduction_orchidee_Oct2015_NV.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Training by jgipsl
08:55 GroupActivities/Training edited by jgipsl
08:54 Hands_on_exercises_ORCHIDEE_Oct2015.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Training by jgipsl
08:50 introduction_part2_oct2015_JG.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Training by jgipsl
08:50 xios_training_oct2015_JG.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Training by jgipsl


16:30 Changeset [2986] by albert.jornet
Fix: controls cimean when there is no solution for LAI in any level.
15:40 Changeset [2985] by albert.jornet
Merge: [2724:r2749/trunk/ORCHIDEE/]


21:04 GroupActivities/Training edited by jgipsl
17:22 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/zo_evaporation edited by jpolcher


23:03 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/cmip6_v2_can edited by peylin
22:32 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/cmip6_v2_can edited by peylin
22:29 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/cmip6_v2_can created by peylin
22:24 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6 edited by peylin
19:23 Changeset [2984] by fuxing.wang
Correct mistake in rev2983: nslm (in constantes_soil_var.f90) should be 22 …
18:29 Changeset [2983] by fuxing.wang
Add modified version called trunk110515_n22_fwtd used for some IGEM …
17:31 Changeset [2982] by fuxing.wang
Add modified version called trunk110515_n86_newcor used for some IGEM …
10:05 Changeset [2981] by albert.jornet
Fix: jst index is included as dimension. Before it was used ":" for jst …


19:06 Changeset [2980] by josefine.ghattas
Increase buffer_size and homogenize with iodef.xml in v6 configurations.
14:05 Changeset [2979] by josefine.ghattas
Added Chuck for ts: more jobs but more stable for high resolutions.


17:30 Changeset [2978] by nicolas.vuichard
14:12 Changeset [2977] by nicolas.vuichard
12:14 Changeset [2976] by josefine.ghattas
Set 1MPI in config.card for SPINUP configuration to prepare for libIGCM …
09:32 Changeset [2975] by josefine.ghattas
Correct type misstake since previous commit.
09:30 Changeset [2974] by josefine.ghattas
Prepare to be used with new libIGCM version : specifications for the …


20:56 Changeset [2973] by fuxing.wang
Add modified version called trunk110515_n22_newcor used for some IGEM …
18:04 Changeset [2972] by albert.jornet
New: introduce subroutine get_soil_order to read soil order netcdf file
14:30 Documentation/UserGuide edited by ajornet
14:29 Documentation/UserGuide/IDB edited by ajornet
14:03 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by ajornet


15:36 Changeset [2971] by albert.jornet
Fix: Initialize variables


12:20 Changeset [2970] by josefine.ghattas
Add modified version called trunk110515_newcor used for some IGEM offline …
12:03 Changeset [2969] by josefine.ghattas
Copy revision 2686 from the trunk to the IGEM reference version before …
12:01 Changeset [2968] by josefine.ghattas
Add repository to be used as a reference version for simulations in the …
08:11 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll


18:59 Changeset [2967] by daniel.goll
1.removal of redundant code for calculations which are similar for …
16:15 Changeset [2966] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: add missing windfall module to svn
10:52 Changeset [2965] by jan.polcher
This commit generalises the interpolation of anscilary data (vegetation, …
10:07 Changeset [2964] by albert.jornet
Create a personal branch of ORCHIDEE-CNP
09:50 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119/ArrayOutputs edited by jgipsl
09:37 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119/ArrayOutputs edited by jgipsl
09:25 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119/GuidelinesXIOS edited by jgipsl


23:28 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119/ArrayOutputs edited by maignan
23:24 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119/ArrayOutputs edited by maignan
23:09 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119 edited by maignan
23:08 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119/ArrayOutputs created by maignan
23:05 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119 edited by maignan
23:05 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119/GuidelinesXIOS edited by maignan
22:40 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119/GuidelinesXIOS created by maignan
22:21 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119 edited by maignan


17:19 Ticket #205 (routing_irrigmap: nix and njx are not initialized when they do not belong ...) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Done rev [2963] : write moved to IF is_root_prc
17:19 Changeset [2963] by josefine.ghattas
Moved WRITE into IF is_root_prc. nix and njx are only known at the root …
17:06 Ticket #116 (ibaresoil in slowproc_checkveget) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Done rev [2962]
17:05 Changeset [2962] by josefine.ghattas
Use ibare_sechiba parameter instead of local ibaresoil meaning the same. …
16:38 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover edited by dnarayanappa
16:35 PFT_Maps_ORCold_ORCnew.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover by dnarayanappa
Comparing ORC PFTmaps created for CMIP5 and ESA ECLC updated …
16:33 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover edited by dnarayanappa
16:29 PFT_maps_ECVtest2.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover by dnarayanappa
PFTmaps after changes made by Natasha for Cross walking
16:28 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover edited by dnarayanappa
15:58 Changeset [2961] by josefine.ghattas
Changed name for sinang into coszang to have a better understanding of the …
15:55 Changeset [2960] by josefine.ghattas
Removed variable Sinang in preparation of next commit on trunk ORCHIDEE …
15:54 GroupActivities/Meetings/Retreat20151119 created by peylin
15:54 GroupActivities/Meetings edited by peylin
13:56 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6 edited by jgipsl
13:54 Meetings/CMIP6/Biogeochemistry created by jgipsl
13:54 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/Meetings/CMIP6/snow created by jgipsl
13:53 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/Meetings/CMIP6/albedo created by jgipsl
13:45 Meetings/CMIP6/LandCover created by jgipsl
13:43 Meetings/CMIP6/soil_physic created by jgipsl
13:38 Changeset [2959] by albert.jornet
Fix: nbpmax paramater is now reported to all mpi processes. Otherwise only …
10:08 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
10:07 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
10:05 SourceCode edited by jgipsl


17:23 GroupActivities/Training edited by jgipsl
17:20 GroupActivities/Training edited by jgipsl
13:07 Changeset [2958] by albert.jornet
Fix: floodplains module history variables are now only saved when …


17:16 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6 edited by nvuilsce
17:14 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6 edited by nvuilsce
17:11 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/Meetings/CMIP6/zo_evaporation created by nvuilsce
12:51 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/zo_evaporation edited by fwang
12:45 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/zo_evaporation edited by fwang
11:09 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6 edited by peylin
11:06 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/snow edited by peylin
11:05 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/soil_physic edited by peylin
11:01 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/albedo created by peylin
10:57 Changeset [2957] by josefine.ghattas
- Ticket #190 : adapt thermosoil_readjust to the new vertical …
10:56 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/zo_evaporation created by peylin
10:54 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/snow edited by peylin
10:49 Changeset [2956] by josefine.ghattas
- Ticket #194 : adapt thermosoil_cond to do the whole vector of landpoints …
10:47 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/snow created by peylin
10:46 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6 edited by peylin
10:40 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6 edited by peylin
10:37 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6 edited by peylin
10:36 Ticket #207 (Inconsistency of dimension when passing 'frac_nobio_lastyear' in ...) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Done in rev [2955]
10:35 Changeset [2955] by josefine.ghattas
ticket #207 : inconsistency in dimension. Now calculate …


22:58 Changeset [2954] by bertrand.guenet
different maps of clay may be read
19:25 GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer edited by aducharne
19:20 Fuxing_WANG_z0_LMDZOR.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer by aducharne
19:20 Vuichard_dynamic_roughness.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer by aducharne
19:20 Tootchi_soil_resistance.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer by aducharne
19:20 Ducharne_BSE_intro.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer by aducharne
19:20 ORC-DEV_octobre2015_Intro_Peylin.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer by aducharne
19:19 GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer edited by aducharne
19:01 Changeset [2953] by josefine.ghattas
Corrections to revision 2922 : - removed call thermosoil_cond not needed …
10:39 Ticket #207 (Inconsistency of dimension when passing 'frac_nobio_lastyear' in ...) created by cyue
Description: The variable 'frac_nobio_lastyear' has dimension of …


17:34 Changeset [2952] by albert.jornet
fix: totfrac_nobio_nextyear requires the same dimensions as frac_nobio. It …
17:26 Changeset [2951] by albert.jornet
fix: merged revision r2718 was not properly done. This commit includes the …
11:53 GroupActivities/Training edited by jgipsl


16:51 Changeset [2950] by albert.jornet
fix: nix and njx are now initialized
16:20 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
16:19 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
16:18 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
16:13 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
16:00 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
15:59 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
15:47 Changeset [2949] by albert.jornet
merge: undone revision r2855. The use EnfOfYear? in slowproc modifies …
15:30 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
15:29 DevelopmentActivities edited by dgoll
15:28 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP created by dgoll
13:48 Ticket #206 (libIGCM problem related to lahey fortran at LSCE) created by maignan
In libIGCM_sys/libIGCM_sys_obelix.ksh, the following line: …
11:02 Changeset [2948] by albert.jornet
Fix: nix and njx are now initialized when they do not belong to the root …
11:01 Ticket #205 (routing_irrigmap: nix and njx are not initialized when they do not belong ...) created by ajornet
Under routing_irrigmap variables nix and njx are only initialized …


13:33 DevelopmentActivities/Issues created by ajornet
13:31 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P edited by ajornet
11:22 Changeset [2947] by josefine.ghattas
Ticket #182 * Removed one dimension from onset_date : use julian_diff as …


17:01 Ticket #201 (qsintveg can be negative) closed by aducharne
wontfix: Mail de Jan, 25/09/15: c'est une conséquence du couplage implicite. On …
14:19 Changeset [2946] by albert.jornet
Fix: subroutine calls had insufficient number of non-optional arguments. …
14:17 Ticket #204 (Calls Incomplete) created by ajornet
If you compile with gen-interfaces and -warn interfaces the …
09:59 SourceCode edited by jgipsl


21:54 Ticket #203 (SNOW model improvement (snow fraction and implicit coupling)) created by fwang
Two improvements in the snow process: (1) To ensure the thickness of the 3 …
19:44 Changeset [2945] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: tested 1 year global. This code contains the latest version for …
19:26 SnowLayerFraction.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/soil_physic by fwang
17:07 Changeset [2944] by josefine.ghattas
Ticket #182 Cleaning after commit update of DGVM. * Calculated …
15:58 Ticket #187 (Variables in hydrol.f90 used before initialization) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Correction done in the trunk rev [2943]. setvar_p is removed and the …
15:57 Changeset [2943] by josefine.ghattas
Ticket #187 Remove setvar_p and initialize these variables directly after …
15:38 Changeset [2942] by josefine.ghattas
Ticket #190 : cleaning * thermosoil : - dimension nbld changed to …
12:59 Ticket #202 (Update to use XIOS2) created by jgipsl
ORCHIDEE needs to be updated to use XIOS2. No new developments are done in …


23:59 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover edited by peylin
23:59 PFT_Maps_ORC_Hurtt.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover by peylin
23:58 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover edited by peylin
23:10 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover edited by peylin
16:46 Documentation/UserGuide edited by jgipsl
16:44 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
16:43 SourceCode/CommitOnTrunk created by jgipsl
16:42 Documentation/UserGuide/CommitOnTrunk edited by jgipsl
16:11 Changeset [2941] by josefine.ghattas
Add keyword to have the date, rev and url. Suite previous commit on trunk.
16:10 Changeset [2940] by josefine.ghattas
Add rev, date
16:05 Changeset [2939] by josefine.ghattas
Add Date, Rev and URL in headers. Done before commit : "svn propset …
15:52 Changeset [2938] by josefine.ghattas
Add variable zlh : depht of layers in hydro
15:45 Ticket #201 (qsintveg can be negative) created by aducharne
qsintveg(kjpindex,nvm) holds the amount of water that is intercepted on …
12:38 Changeset [2937] by josefine.ghattas
Error in header date. Test to correct


19:08 LUmap_Protocol_Dev_v6.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/LandCover by dnarayanappa
Summary of the Land Use map discussion meeting held on 17th,Sept 2015 at …
19:01 Ticket #200 (routing: pb with delsurfstor) created by aducharne
delsurfstor is created in routing.f90, supposedly to export the change in …
14:20 Changeset [2936] by albert.jornet
enhancement: exv is now checked once instead of twice in slowproc Fix: …
13:24 Changeset [2935] by fabienne.maignan
Personal branch for Crystele Leauthaud
11:49 Changeset [2934] by nicolas.vuichard


17:27 Documentation edited by jgipsl
12:46 Changeset [2933] by josefine.ghattas
Added test if file existe. Update ref.


17:19 Changeset [2932] by nicolas.vuichard
17:00 Ticket #199 (Passing prognostic variables as arguments in the subroutines that change ...) created by aducharne
During the technical meeting of Sept 11, 2015, we discussed the example of …
15:46 Ticket #188 (Water conservation problem with CWRR) closed by jgipsl
fixed: #198 : the _beg variables will always be in the restart file.
15:45 Ticket #198 (Always call hydrol_alma) created by jgipsl
Always call hydrol_alma even if almaoutput is false. The goal is to …
00:26 Changeset [2931] by james.ryder
update for working copy with energy budget nextstep changes within flags
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