20:46 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/final_adjustments edited by peylin
19:58 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/final_adjustments edited by peylin
19:55 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/final_adjustments edited by peylin
19:49 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/final_adjustments edited by peylin
19:47 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/final_adjustments edited by peylin
19:44 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/final_adjustments edited by peylin
19:40 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/final_adjustments created by peylin
19:39 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6 edited by peylin
16:29 Changeset [3889] by yann.meurdesoif
Update ORCHIDEE configuration environement for ADA YM
15:00 interpweight_working_notes.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO by llfita
working notes of the creation of `interpweigth' module
14:59 aveget_pft025.png attached to DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO by llfita
`maxvegetfrac' availability found in …
14:58 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO edited by llfita
Adding `aveget' from 'PFTmap_025.nc' (diff)
14:08 Changeset [3888] by lluis.fita
Adding use of ORCHIDEE_13PFTmap_2010_cmpi6_LUH2v2h.nc' as PTFmap_025.nc' …
13:54 Documentation/UserGuide/TestCase1 edited by jgipsl
11:44 Documentation/UserGuide/TestCase1 edited by pmaugis


17:16 Changeset [3887] by albert.jornet
Branch: merge from the TRUNK into MICT
16:43 Changeset [3886] by albert.jornet
Delete: end of life
16:42 Changeset [3885] by albert.jornet
Delete: end of life
16:42 Changeset [3884] by albert.jornet
Delete: end of life
16:36 Ticket #257 (Bugs related to snow in enerbil.f90) closed by maignan
fixed: Corrected in revision [3883]
16:33 Changeset [3883] by fabienne.maignan
Correction of bugs related to snow in enerbil.f90. See ticket #257
16:11 Ticket #257 (Bugs related to snow in enerbil.f90) created by maignan
In SUBROUTINE enerbil_evapveg: […] should be: […] vevapsno in kg/m2 …
16:05 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoFLUXNET edited by dgoll
15:28 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
14:42 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
14:26 Changeset [3882] by daniel.goll
... and cleaned up
14:22 Changeset [3881] by daniel.goll
bugfix for restart soil hydrology dSG
12:14 DevelopmentActivities/Xios/Validation edited by jgipsl
11:51 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoFLUXNET/errors edited by dgoll
11:45 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
11:44 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoFLUXNET/errors created by dgoll
11:25 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoSPINAL edited by dgoll
11:24 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoFLUXNET edited by dgoll
09:43 Changeset [3880] by daniel.goll
1.Bugfixes for autotrophic respiration (Ra): a) remove reserve N from the …


22:05 Changeset [3879] by anne-sofie.lanso
DEV to mleb in sechiba.f90 (sechiba_mleb_hs) and enerbil.f90 (mleb_main)
12:19 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
12:18 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/Vcmax created by dgoll
11:50 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll


21:17 Changeset [3878] by alex.resovsky
Updates in enerbil for multi-layer energy budget.
15:42 Changeset [3877] by fabienne.maignan
Update XIOS outputs


17:02 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP edited by dgoll
14:49 Changeset [3876] by ronny.lauerwald
14:37 Changeset [3875] by ronny.lauerwald
14:36 Changeset [3874] by ronny.lauerwald
delete old ORCHIDEE
14:32 Changeset [3873] by ronny.lauerwald


20:40 Changeset [3872] by ronny.lauerwald
Adding all
20:33 Changeset [3871] by ronny.lauerwald
create ORCHIDEE again
20:16 Changeset [3870] by ronny.lauerwald
20:03 Changeset [3869] by ronny.lauerwald
new tray
19:55 Changeset [3868] by ronny.lauerwald
Merge with TRUNK
19:46 Changeset [3867] by ronny.lauerwald
Delete all
18:00 Changeset [3866] by ronny.lauerwald
Merge with TRUNK
17:34 Changeset [3865] by trung.nguyen
Change few river names over Chinese domain
16:16 Changeset [3864] by ronny.lauerwald
delete misplaced object
16:16 Changeset [3863] by ronny.lauerwald
delete misplaced object
16:16 Changeset [3862] by ronny.lauerwald
delete misplaced object
16:16 Changeset [3861] by ronny.lauerwald
delete misplaced object
16:12 Changeset [3860] by ronny.lauerwald
integrate xios
16:06 Changeset [3859] by ronny.lauerwald
integrate xios
16:01 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO edited by jgipsl
15:58 Changeset [3858] by josefine.ghattas
Bug corrections for interpolation of lai, the bug was introduced in the …
15:44 Changeset [3857] by ronny.lauerwald
15:40 Changeset [3856] by josefine.ghattas
Removed line too long for gfortran and not necessary.
15:26 Changeset [3855] by ronny.lauerwald


09:14 Changeset [3854] by trung.nguyen
Put option to make NEW OUTLET in routing_reg_linkup.


19:04 alaimap.png attached to DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO by llfita
Availability data for the Leaf Area Index map `LAI' found in 'lai2D_03.nc'
19:03 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO edited by llfita
Adding `alaimap' (diff)
18:05 Changeset [3853] by lluis.fita
Working version with the `lai2D.nc' map


11:37 Changeset [3852] by trung.nguyen
Modify routing_reg_linkup to deal with special case like Saluni branch of …


19:18 Changeset [3851] by josefine.ghattas
For assimilation : - intersurf.f90, teststomate.f90 : renamed …
18:27 Changeset [3850] by josefine.ghattas
Changes needed for assimilation : - Change name for read_reftempfile …


13:38 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
10:19 Changeset [3849] by albert.jornet
Fix: variable types are inconsistent. Change to REAL so subroutine …


17:42 Changeset [3848] by alex.resovsky
Fixes a bug in hydrol_arch in stomate. Normal growth for all PFTs with …
15:08 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
15:06 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
14:48 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
14:39 Changeset [3847] by bertrand.guenet
the DOC diffusion coefficient unit has been corrected
11:36 Changeset [3846] by trung.nguyen
Corrected few river names in routing_reg_name.
11:21 Changeset [3845] by trung.nguyen
Corrected a tiny bug in routing_reg_bestsubbasin.
10:40 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
10:38 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina


19:34 Changeset [3844] by trung.nguyen
Using information of flow accumulation to link sub-basins in …
17:36 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
17:35 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina


17:24 Changeset [3843] by alex.resovsky
Changes to chapters 3 & 5 of stomate_growth_fun_all: DOFOCO method now …
17:02 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
16:13 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
15:31 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
15:15 Changeset [3842] by albert.jornet
Fix: merge revision [3841/trunk/ORCHIDEE]
14:57 Changeset [3841] by josefine.ghattas
Changed syntax in specification of new grids, commit related to rev [3839]
11:47 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
11:40 Changeset [3840] by josefine.ghattas
Correction when running Choisnel, due to changes in output variables in …
11:32 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
11:22 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
11:07 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by nvuilsce
10:23 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina


20:19 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
20:12 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
17:48 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/ReferenceSimulations edited by maignan
17:33 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
17:03 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
16:58 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
16:58 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
16:56 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
16:45 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
16:41 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
16:34 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
16:33 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam edited by pmessina
15:48 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional/Testparam created by pmessina
15:23 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional edited by pmessina
15:22 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional edited by pmessina
14:50 SourceCode/ORCHIDEE edited by jgipsl
14:46 Changeset [3839] by josefine.ghattas
- Added possibility to write 4D and 5D variables with XIOS. Important: …
12:41 SourceCode/ORCHIDEE edited by jgipsl
12:40 Changeset [3838] by josefine.ghattas
Removed possibility to use XIOS1. Cpp key XIOS2 is removed and …
12:18 Changeset [3837] by josefine.ghattas
In module qsat_moisture : * set attribut private and public * For TAF: …


16:12 Changeset [3836] by albert.jornet
Fix: grid definition must be in the same order as the declared arrays in …
16:11 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
15:42 Documentation/UserGuide/DeactivateXIOS edited by jgipsl
15:18 Changeset [3835] by alex.resovsky
Stable version. Structurally the same as version 3975, but includes …
14:46 Changeset [3834] by albert.jornet
Fix: group variable is changed from Real to Integer to be consistent. A …
12:57 Changeset [3833] by albert.jornet
Fix: all getin_in calls must include a default value before being called. …
10:25 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
10:24 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
10:07 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime edited by luyssaert
09:54 Documentation/UserGuide/FutureTime created by luyssaert
09:42 Documentation/UserGuide edited by luyssaert
09:22 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO/Minutes created by luyssaert
09:19 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
09:18 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
09:16 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
08:07 Changeset [3832] by yiying.chen
DEV: Update windfall MTC parameters and some output variables.


19:11 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO edited by jgipsl
19:04 SourceCode/ORCHIDEE edited by jgipsl
19:03 Changeset [3831] by josefine.ghattas
Integrated modifications done in branch ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO between revision …
18:42 Changeset [3830] by josefine.ghattas
- AA_make : module_interpweight changed name previously - readdim2 : take …
16:58 Changeset [3829] by josefine.ghattas
Do not remove create_etat0_limit.e
16:55 Changeset [3828] by josefine.ghattas
Added argument list for needed ins_job at curie
16:51 Changeset [3827] by josefine.ghattas
13:35 Changeset [3826] by josefine.ghattas
Updated with changes done on the trunk until rev 3823. Note that rev …
13:26 Changeset [3825] by albert.jornet
Refactor: code is changed in order to avoid segmentation fault error when …
12:59 Changeset [3824] by josefine.ghattas
In thermosoilc use the same name of the variable areftemp as in …
12:46 Documentation/UserGuide/DeactivateXIOS edited by jgipsl
12:46 Documentation/UserGuide/DeactivateXIOS edited by jgipsl
12:44 Documentation/UserGuide/DeactivateXIOS edited by jgipsl
10:30 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/MictMeetings created by ajornet
10:30 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P edited by ajornet
09:53 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/MictMeetings created by ajornet
09:52 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P edited by ajornet


17:02 Changeset [3823] by josefine.ghattas
Add possibility that PFT is used as dimension in PFTmap.nc file (instead …
16:25 Changeset [3822] by albert.jornet
Fix: add missing subroutine get_soilcorr_usda. It was possible to select …
16:17 Changeset [3821] by nicolas.vuichard
add dynamic SLA
15:58 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/SitesRegional created by pmessina
15:17 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN edited by pmessina
15:13 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by pmessina
13:20 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
13:14 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
10:57 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet


18:26 Changeset [3820] by albert.jornet
Fix: Nan value for vbeta_pft due to non initialized Clean: initialise …
17:25 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO edited by llfita
17:23 aveget.png attached to DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO by llfita
Availability data for the vegetation map `maxvegetfrac' found in …
17:22 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO edited by llfita
Adding aveget figure (diff)
16:16 Changeset [3819] by lluis.fita
Adding 'Availability' variables to the file!
13:32 Changeset [3818] by albert.jornet
Fix: XIOS throws an exception because of dellakevol when RIVER_ROUTING is …
13:19 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO edited by llfita
Tiny corrections (diff)
12:25 interpweight.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO by llfita
short presentation about the objectives of `interpweight'
12:25 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICO edited by llfita
Adding the notes from the interpweight (diff)
11:53 Changeset [3817] by bertrand.guenet
some bugs corrected for dead biomass decomposition
11:24 Changeset [3816] by lluis.fita
Introducing more comments at the header of the module
11:20 Changeset [3815] by anne-sofie.lanso
Temporay commit to get same versions for developers, slight changes in …


14:28 Changeset [3814] by alex.resovsky
Includes developments in stomate_growth_fun_all (rev 3811) and latest …
14:20 Changeset [3813] by trung.nguyen
Fix the bug when calculating topographic index and put comment to explain …
13:16 Changeset [3812] by josefine.ghattas
Missing threadprivate for soil_classif


18:00 Changeset [3811] by albert.jornet
New: adapt XIOS xml files to Orchidee 4D variables New: add support for …
17:59 Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/MergeNews edited by ajornet
14:52 Changeset [3810] by anne-sofie.lanso
updates primarily in constantes_var and pft_parameters_var, model still …
14:48 Changeset [3809] by daniel.goll
1. I tried to use Olesen et al. (2001) instead of Mollier et al (2008) for …
11:05 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
10:13 Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/MergeNews edited by ajornet
10:13 Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/MergeNews edited by ajornet


11:06 SourceCode edited by jgipsl
10:56 SourceCode/Performances/r3623 edited by jgipsl
10:50 WikiStart edited by jgipsl
10:47 SourceCode/Performances/r3623 edited by jgipsl
10:43 SourceCode/Performances/r3623 edited by jgipsl


12:54 Changeset [3808] by daniel.goll
bugfix and cleaning DSG
09:09 Changeset [3807] by daniel.goll
implentation of a soil diffusitivity (to P) which accounts for the …


16:34 Ticket #256 (ALMA convention in XIOS) closed by jgipsl
fixed: The variables were not previously output in the alma files. It is added in …
16:32 Changeset [3806] by josefine.ghattas
Added riverflow and coastalflow in the alma output. See ticket #256
14:06 Changeset [3805] by anne-sofie.lanso
ADD file, the same as rev. 3803, but with file …
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