19:39 Changeset [5113] by jan.polcher
Makes sure that driver2oasis_land uses the same names as driver2oasis_all.
17:54 Ticket #422 (Experiences in ORCHIDEE 2.0) closed by jgipsl
fixed: FORECSOIL and TESTSTOMATE are removed from the tag only, see commit rev …
17:52 Changeset [5112] by josefine.ghattas
Removed experience FORCESOIL and TESTSTOMATE from tagged version. These …
17:50 Changeset [5111] by josefine.ghattas
Copied trunk version of ORCHIDEE_OL containg main makefile and experience …
17:49 Changeset [5110] by josefine.ghattas
Copied trunk revision 5107 into new tag ORCHIDEE_2_0
16:02 Ticket #429 (No real positive solution found) closed by alanso
fixed: The problem was found to be related to a recent change in …
15:52 Changeset [5109] by anne-sofie.lanso
Bugfix for ticket #429, change lm_old back to how it was calculated before …
15:44 Changeset [5108] by josefine.ghattas
Changes related to change of the dods at obelix
15:39 Changeset [5107] by josefine.ghattas
Add key word to activate compression of output but default is not …
15:07 Ticket #418 (Carbon mass conservation issue ?) closed by jgipsl
15:06 Ticket #376 (Crash with impaze on a site simulation) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Done in the trunk [5106]
15:06 Changeset [5106] by josefine.ghattas
Correction of impaze, see ticket #376
14:10 Changeset [5105] by alex.resovsky
Reverts changeset 5081 to create a fresh copy for debugging an error in …
14:04 Ticket #430 (Trying to do budburst with insufficient reserve biomass) created by aresovsky
The model crashes in stomate_phenology when labile + reserve biomass is …
14:01 Changeset [5104] by jan.polcher
Some corrections to the driver2oasis and an improvement to forcing_tools.
12:18 Changeset [5103] by josefine.ghattas
Change to use option one_file to avoid rebuild when using more than one …
11:39 Changeset [5102] by josefine.ghattas
Changed level to 0 for variables needed for C4MIP but not yet inclueded in …


14:47 Documentation/Forcings edited by aducharne
14:46 Documentation/Forcings edited by aducharne
11:56 Changeset [5101] by josefine.ghattas
Added new domain called "greorded" needed for simulations following the …
09:27 Changeset [5100] by daniel.goll
Mass conservation check was disabled for nvm-2 PFTs. I enabled it again …


16:54 Changeset [5099] by daniel.goll
bugfix for the case cn_leaf_init differs from cn_leaf_min or np_leaf_init …
13:59 Changeset [5098] by albert.jornet
Fix: CHARACTER requires to be TRIMMED before comparing. It failed even …
12:49 Changeset [5097] by thomas.verbeke
Externalize the variable to read (RFW or CW) in swt_frac.nc
11:33 Changeset [5096] by josefine.ghattas
Protected calculation and output of snowtemp_weighted done only for …
11:21 Changeset [5095] by thomas.verbeke
Commit 4tiles version
10:57 Documentation/UserGuide/IDB edited by ajornet
10:04 Changeset [5094] by josefine.ghattas
Bug correction for diagnostic variables using xios_default_val for the …
09:47 Changeset [5093] by josefine.ghattas
Better comment
08:55 Changeset [5092] by josefine.ghattas
Create base directory for new tag


19:35 Documentation/UserGuide edited by aducharne
17:38 Changeset [5091] by josefine.ghattas
Change unit for output variable snowliq and snowliqtot from m to kg/m2 and …
16:55 Changeset [5090] by josefine.ghattas
Correction for carbon mass conservation, see ticket #418
16:35 Changeset [5089] by albert.jornet
Fix: missing OpenMP threadprivate declarations ( LMDZ+MICT ) Fix: group …
16:29 Changeset [5088] by mylene.haslehner
corrected variable lst_newexclreg (removed backslash) and lst_exclude …
15:03 Changeset [5087] by thomas.verbeke
Copy rev 4876 for 4 tiles version


18:02 Ticket #414 (Update default values for version ORCHIDEE2.0) closed by jgipsl
16:16 Changeset [5086] by josefine.ghattas
Correct error in script
14:50 Changeset [5085] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: tested for 200 years over a tropicl pixel for PFT2 to 5.The model …
11:36 Changeset [5084] by josefine.ghattas
Only change in comment.
11:26 Changeset [5083] by nicolas.vuichard
update ENSEMBLE config for current ORCHIDEE and libIGCM versions


17:43 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoSPINAL edited by dgoll
17:36 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoSPINAL edited by dgoll


16:35 Changeset [5082] by albert.jornet
Fix: make sure to initialize variables before those are used (valgrind) …
15:24 Changeset [5081] by alex.resovsky
Bugfix in stomate_phenology. Model had been crashing with IMPOSE_CN=N …
13:31 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoSPINAL edited by dgoll
13:08 Changeset [5080] by chunjing.qiu
soil freezing, soil moisture, fwet bugs fixed
13:07 Changeset [5079] by marta.camino
Merge of 13C and 14C codes
12:56 Changeset [5078] by marta.camino
Merge of 13C and 14C codes
10:00 GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer edited by jgipsl


23:53 watercycle_validation.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer by peylin
23:51 pennel_orchidee_march2018.pdf attached to GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer by peylin
23:50 GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer edited by peylin
15:39 Changeset [5077] by nina.raoult
Implement some of Mylene's changes "" into my file. Inclusion of …
11:19 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by jchang
Modified flag name (diff)
10:07 Changeset [5076] by daniel.goll
bugfix for second last commit (needed for XIOS) DSG


17:01 Changeset [5075] by daniel.goll
Ellsworth relationship MUST not be used till its published. Thus I set …
16:59 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
16:58 Changeset [5074] by daniel.goll
We now automatically diagnose potential GPP ( 'ggp_pot' in SRF …
16:54 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationsonAda edited by mguimberteau
16:54 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationsonAda created by mguimberteau
16:39 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P edited by mguimberteau
16:31 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
16:17 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
10:48 Changeset [5073] by daniel.goll
I disabled the leaf age effect on Vcmax and Jmax DSG
09:33 Changeset [5072] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Added land cover change and reorganize the mass balance closure into …


18:34 Changeset [5071] by daniel.goll
Revision of comments which correspond to the IF() clause DSG
18:26 Changeset [5070] by daniel.goll
revert recent commit, was mistaken by misleading comment. leaf age is …
18:12 Changeset [5069] by daniel.goll
I added commentar to the leaf age effect on vcmax which introduced a …
16:23 Changeset [5068] by josefine.ghattas
Set variables needed for the nudging of soil moisture and snow to level 1 …
11:47 Documentation/UserGuide/DifferentLogin edited by jgipsl
10:36 Ticket #429 (No real positive solution found) created by luyssaert
After 106 years over a small region more or less representing Brazil …
10:35 Changeset [5067] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: cleaned stomate_growth_fun_all and fixed some inconsistencies caused …
10:30 Ticket #428 (C/N ratio getting out of control) created by luyssaert
After 106 years over a small region more or less representing Brazil …


18:43 Changeset [5066] by daniel.goll
Bugfix for Vcmax and Jmax relationship with leaf N and leaf P This bug …
15:20 Documentation/UserGuide/NewForcingVerif edited by mguimberteau
13:40 Documentation/UserGuide edited by ajornet
13:38 Documentation/UserGuide/IDB edited by ajornet
13:26 Documentation/UserGuide/IDB edited by ajornet
13:26 Documentation/UserGuide/IDB edited by ajornet
13:20 ddt_main_debug_arrow.png attached to Documentation/UserGuide/IDB by ajornet
13:20 ddt_click_run_arrow.png attached to Documentation/UserGuide/IDB by ajornet
13:19 ddt_mpmd_debug_setup_arrow.png attached to Documentation/UserGuide/IDB by ajornet
13:18 Documentation/UserGuide/IDB edited by ajornet
13:14 ddt_click_run_arrow attached to Documentation/UserGuide/IDB by ajornet
13:13 ddt_mpmd_debug_setup_arrow attached to Documentation/UserGuide/IDB by ajornet
13:13 ddt_main_debug_arrow attached to Documentation/UserGuide/IDB by ajornet
13:13 Documentation/UserGuide/IDB edited by ajornet
13:12 ddt_main_debug_arrow attached to Documentation/UserGuide by ajornet
12:19 Changeset [5065] by josefine.ghattas
Removed treatement of LongName? from sechiba.driver as it is already done …
10:15 Changeset [5064] by albert.jornet
Branch: temporary branch to include ORCHIDEE-CN-P into ORCHIDEE-MICT. From …
09:47 Changeset [5063] by anne-sofie.lanso
DEV: the most important of the recent changes in ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN have been …
09:13 Changeset [5062] by chunjing.qiu
gas bubbles in peat profile


22:20 Ticket #342 (Run the model in parallel) closed by luyssaert
fixed: The problem was caused by an inconsistent use of get_printlev. all …
22:16 Ticket #288 (No biomass in allocation) closed by luyssaert
fixed: This problem seems to have been solved along with other bug fixes. Haven't …
22:14 Ticket #421 (Light stress used for calculating recruitment is always 0 or 100) closed by luyssaert
fixed: The issue was resolved in r4967
16:38 Ticket #426 (Mass balance problem in nitrogen_dynamics) closed by alanso
fixed: The mass balance error in nitrogen_dynamics was related to the calculation …
16:35 Changeset [5061] by anne-sofie.lanso
DEV: Bugfix for the mass balance error in #426. Running for South America, …
14:08 Changeset [5060] by albert.jornet
Fix: nsnow grid type is now properly defined


15:01 Changeset [5059] by albert.jornet
Change: set lai minimum threshold to 0.001 (vs 0.01). It was preventing …
10:38 Changeset [5058] by albert.jornet
Fix: due to an error in XIOS, the interpolate option in …


16:38 Changeset [5057] by albert.jornet
Fix: the soil heat capacity did not account for latent heat …
13:28 Changeset [5056] by daniel.goll
removed: junk introduced in last commit DSG
12:58 Changeset [5055] by daniel.goll
remove diagnostic PLANT_NP and PLANT_CN they are redundant / missing …
11:59 Documentation/Forcings edited by jpolcher
11:50 Documentation/Forcings edited by jpolcher
11:36 Changeset [5054] by albert.jornet
Clean: sla_calc is an input argument
11:04 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoSPINAL edited by dgoll
10:40 Documentation/Forcings edited by jpolcher


17:43 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoSPINAL edited by dgoll
17:31 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoSPINAL edited by dgoll
16:34 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
16:30 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
16:25 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
10:12 Changeset [5053] by albert.jornet
Fix: missing variable initialization for l_error. Fix: print format is not …
09:37 Changeset [5052] by anne-sofie.lanso
Added the condition of the presence of leaf biomass when n_fungivores is …


15:48 Documentation/UserGuide/ProfileVtune edited by ajornet
11:50 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
11:48 Documentation/UserGuide/NewForcingVerif edited by mguimberteau
11:44 chao_cruncep.zip attached to Documentation/UserGuide/NewForcingVerif by mguimberteau
Chao's scripts used to format cruncep forcing
11:43 Documentation/UserGuide/NewForcingVerif edited by mguimberteau
11:38 Changeset [5051] by albert.jornet
Fix: use compression argument is specifically used. Adapt restart calls to …


16:58 Changeset [5050] by chao.yue
Moving the index buidling before GLUC into another common module; …


22:11 Ticket #425 (Unexpected condition in phenology) closed by luyssaert
fixed: The values tested in that condition are plant_n_uptake_daily. When the …
22:11 Changeset [5049] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: contribution to solving ticket #425
16:44 Changeset [5048] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: added a few lines of code to print the latitude and longitude of each …
16:28 Documentation/UserGuide/ExtractPixel edited by luyssaert
16:06 Ticket #427 (problems with ERR_ACT) created by alanso
The flag ERR_ACT that control whether mass balance checks are conducted, …
15:54 Changeset [5047] by albert.jornet
Merge: revisions from [4818:5038/branches/ORCHIDEE-CN-P/ORCHIDEE]
14:56 Changeset [5046] by nina.raoult
12:54 Changeset [5045] by albert.jornet
Clean: ensure allocate status is properly checked
11:52 Ticket #426 (Mass balance problem in nitrogen_dynamics) created by luyssaert
When running ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN for all of South America …
10:09 Changeset [5044] by nicolas.vuichard
- Nitrogen is accounted for in woodharvest - coeff_maint_init config_def …
09:54 Changeset [5043] by chao.yue
Block the age class transition of herbaceous MTCs; Conversion of …
08:35 Ticket #425 (Unexpected condition in phenology) created by luyssaert
When running a regional set-up over the Amazon …


21:50 Changeset [5042] by jan.polcher
Small bug for forcing on hybrid sigma levels.
17:18 Documentation/Ancillary edited by aducharne
17:10 Changeset [5041] by thomas.verbeke
Bug fix in kfact_root
16:58 Documentation/Ancillary edited by aducharne
16:54 lehner_doell_JHydrol2004_GLWD.pdf attached to Documentation/Ancillary by aducharne
16:53 Documentation/Ancillary edited by aducharne
15:36 Documentation/UserGuide/NewForcingVerif created by mguimberteau
15:10 Changeset [5040] by chao.yue
Successful compilation after code cleaning, only works for multiple age …
14:53 GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer edited by aducharne
14:39 GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer edited by aducharne
14:37 Documentation/UserGuide edited by mguimberteau
13:54 Changeset [5039] by bertrand.guenet
Bug correction in land use change
13:19 Changeset [5038] by daniel.goll
bugfix DSG
12:20 Changeset [5037] by albert.jornet
Fix: mass is now conserved. turnover could remove/include more mass than …
11:36 Documentation/Forcings edited by aducharne
11:30 Documentation/Forcings edited by aducharne
11:28 Ticket #424 (SECHIBA_QSINT change: standby ticket for further investigations) created by mguimberteau
This ticket is created to keep in mind that the SECHIBA_QSINT parameter …
08:56 Changeset [5036] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: accidently uncommented sapiens_lcchange.f90. The code now compiles …


16:55 Changeset [5035] by daniel.goll
cleaning DSG
16:54 Changeset [5034] by josefine.ghattas
Update defalut value for SECHIBA_QSINT to 0.02 which is the value used in …
16:42 Changeset [5033] by daniel.goll
wood stoichiometry is kept fixed per default to account for Meyerholt et …
15:56 Changeset [5032] by josefine.ghattas
Bug correction
15:15 Documentation/Forcings edited by aducharne
14:36 Changeset [5031] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: tested for 50 pixels with 4 processors and for 8 years(crash in …


17:37 Ticket #423 (Problem in thermosoil to account for water freezing/thawing processes) created by cottle
The problems were identified by Dan Zhu and Ye Huang in MICT version and …
17:31 Changeset [5030] by thomas.verbeke
REF version 3 tiles
16:08 Changeset [5029] by albert.jornet
clean: merge nested WHERE fix: remove repeated code for CROP senescence
14:59 Changeset [5028] by alex.resovsky
Removed some old obsolete lines in src_parameters and stomate.f90. Model …
13:01 Changeset [5027] by thomas.verbeke
Minor modif on slowproc
12:19 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/LUMIP edited by nvuilsce
12:09 Documentation/UserGuide edited by jgipsl
12:02 Documentation/UserGuide edited by jgipsl
10:43 Changeset [5026] by thomas.verbeke
Commit files for 6 tiles job
10:29 Changeset [5025] by thomas.verbeke
Files needed to run 6 tiles version in offline mode
09:27 Changeset [5024] by chao.yue
Block moving of 2nd oldest forest to the oldest one
09:26 Changeset [5023] by chao.yue
Blocking re-writting harvest_matrix in Get_harvest_matrix


18:47 Changeset [5022] by thomas.verbeke
Commit 6 tiles modified version
18:41 Changeset [5021] by thomas.verbeke
Commit constante_soil_var
16:34 Changeset [5020] by josefine.ghattas
Rename experiences to corespond to the reference simulations. Update …
16:07 Changeset [5019] by thomas.verbeke
Return to revision 4876
15:46 Changeset [5018] by josefine.ghattas
More arguments to have the name of the running job
15:27 Ticket #422 (Experiences in ORCHIDEE 2.0) created by jgipsl
ORCHIDEE_OL directory will be added in the coming tag ORCHIDEE_2_0 beside …
15:10 Changeset [5017] by josefine.ghattas
Set fVegLitterMortality, fVegLitterSenescence, fVegSoilMortality, …
14:46 Changeset [5016] by josefine.ghattas
Clean in run.def : parameters which were the same as the default values …
14:25 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by aresovsky
14:19 Changeset [5015] by chao.yue
Remove the outdated repo
14:18 Changeset [5014] by chao.yue
Remove the outdated repository
14:16 Changeset [5013] by chao.yue
Creat a new personal repo for improving land use change module
13:49 Changeset [5012] by albert.jornet
fix: growth_fun_all use veget_cov instead of veget_cov_max. veget is a new …
13:38 Changeset [5011] by josefine.ghattas
Small correction. Note error in previous log message for changeset [5010]. …
13:29 Changeset [5010] by josefine.ghattas
Merge with trunk for revisons between 4992:4989 from the trunk.
12:53 Changeset [5009] by alex.resovsky
fungivores externalized so it can be set from the run.def
09:40 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by alanso


20:29 Changeset [5008] by anne-sofie.lanso
Bugfix in stomate_turnover
17:01 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
10:09 run_r5006.def attached to DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO by luyssaert
run.def that worked with revision r5006
10:04 Changeset [5007] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
DEV: tested for 200 years over a single pixel. Removed obsolete variables …


18:52 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
18:52 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
18:48 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
18:17 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
17:32 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
17:28 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
17:20 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert


21:45 Changeset [5006] by chao.yue
Put age_distribute at the end of StomateLpj?
18:24 Changeset [5005] by albert.jornet
Fix: littercalc mass is conserved. Confusion due to merge. litter_inc …
16:45 Changeset [5004] by josefine.ghattas
15:46 Changeset [5003] by josefine.ghattas
Correction of small syntax errors and lines too long, errors seen by …
14:30 Changeset [5002] by albert.jornet
todo: CN-P prescribe is not compatible with woodmass implementation. …
14:25 Changeset [5001] by alex.resovsky
Inclusion of mycorrhizae function for improved litter decomposition after …


16:50 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
16:16 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
16:09 Changeset [5000] by albert.jornet
Change: adapt Orchidee CN P to the latest IOIPSL (use_compression feature)
16:06 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoFLUXNET edited by dgoll
16:05 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoSPINAL edited by dgoll
16:04 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
16:03 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/howtoUse edited by dgoll
12:50 GroupActivities/Meetings/Developer edited by aducharne
12:08 Changeset [4999] by nicolas.vuichard
correction should be included in rev29012018
11:31 Changeset [4998] by nicolas.vuichard
11:21 Changeset [4997] by nicolas.vuichard
11:12 Changeset [4996] by nicolas.vuichard
11:02 Changeset [4995] by nicolas.vuichard
10:41 Changeset [4994] by josefine.ghattas
Revert back to revision 4989 (removed 4990, 4991, 4992). N Vuichard
10:20 Changeset [4993] by albert.jornet
Debug: include TOTAL CARBON variable for XIOS Fix: include missing lines …


18:14 Documentation/UserGuide/CommitOnTrunk edited by jgipsl
17:54 Changeset [4992] by nicolas.vuichard
17:45 Changeset [4991] by nicolas.vuichard
17:42 Changeset [4990] by nicolas.vuichard
16:59 Changeset [4989] by nicolas.vuichard
16:52 Changeset [4988] by nicolas.vuichard
16:13 Changeset [4987] by albert.jornet
Fix: initialize q_cdrag_pft to zero. Otherwise XIOS complains about bare …
16:01 Changeset [4986] by nina.raoult
cutlines.awk : new awk script to cut lines for TAF variables.awk : split …
15:02 Changeset [4985] by thomas.verbeke
Change on constantes_soil_var.f90
12:18 Changeset [4984] by anne-sofie.lanso
Small bugfix for XIOS, need to add the variables in the xml files as well
11:11 Changeset [4983] by thomas.verbeke
Trunk copy into ORCHIDEE-GW
10:45 Changeset [4982] by thomas.verbeke
09:55 Changeset [4981] by josefine.ghattas
Changes in comments to avoid ATM_CO2 be written twice in orchidee.default
03:54 Changeset [4980] by yiying.chen
Update the some code blocks in the src_parameters, which associated with …
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