10:38 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-ML-Spinup edited by dgoll
10:37 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-ML-Spinup edited by dgoll


16:42 Changeset [7245] by nicolas.vuichard
improve Carbon mass balance closure. See ticket #785
12:46 Changeset [7244] by matthew.mcgrath
Making explicit the values of Pgap in different arrays


07:14 Changeset [7243] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Correction of previous commit: making KF a function of height


23:42 Changeset [7242] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Making KF a function of tree height/ Mainly cleaning the code surrounding …
14:41 Ticket #785 (Carbon balance closure) created by nvuilsce
Here is a summary of different code corrections done in ORCHIDEEv3 aiming …
11:18 Changeset [7241] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Contribute to ticket #663. Refining the bark beetle dynamics and damage


15:37 Changeset [7240] by maureen.beaudor
implementation Riddick's scheme for NH3 emissions


14:38 Changeset [7239] by agnes.ducharne
Bug correction on the dimension of pcent, mc_awet, and mc_adry, leading to …


11:55 Changeset [7238] by daniel.goll
added information to the restart files needed for the ML acceleartion …


14:49 Changeset [7237] by daniel.goll
update of branch with revisions of ORCHIDEE-CN-P branch after …


10:42 Documentation/TrunkFunctionality4 edited by luyssaert


21:42 Changeset [7236] by yitong.yao
21:11 Changeset [7235] by yitong.yao
update src_parameters
21:02 Changeset [7234] by yitong.yao
update src_sechiba
20:53 Changeset [7233] by yitong.yao
update src_stomate
20:22 Changeset [7232] by yitong.yao
Remove the old stomate_mark_kill.f90
20:06 Changeset [7231] by yitong.yao
copy r2290
17:13 Changeset [7230] by maureen.beaudor
activation z_act soilcarbon for NH3 emissions only
16:45 Ticket #784 (Bug - fLitterSoil output) created by nvuilsce
fLitterSoil corresponds to the C flux that goes from Litter pools to Soil …
14:01 Changeset [7229] by maureen.beaudor
ninput initialisation correction, k_nitr=0.2


18:03 Changeset [7228] by maureen.beaudor
updated version without Riddick + begin z_activity
16:30 Changeset [7227] by maureen.beaudor
riddick removed
16:14 Changeset [7226] by pedro.arboleda
Merged with ORC2.2, irrigation v0.4 static for flood, tested in Europe OK
16:11 Changeset [7225] by pedro.arboleda
copy of ORCHIDEE_2_0
16:11 Changeset [7224] by pedro.arboleda
16:10 Changeset [7223] by pedro.arboleda
16:03 Changeset [7222] by pedro.arboleda
copy of ORCHIDEE_2_0
15:42 Changeset [7221] by pedro.arboleda
copy of ORCHIDEE_2_0
15:31 Changeset [7220] by maureen.beaudor
copy version RIddick
11:45 GroupActivities/CodeAvalaibilityPublication/ORCHIDEELEAK-Gommet edited by bguenet
09:15 Changeset [7219] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Changes to insect outbreaks proposed by Guillaume. Changes to vcmax …


09:52 Changeset [7218] by nicolas.vuichard
remove default values in run.def due to r7217
09:52 Changeset [7217] by nicolas.vuichard
set default values in src_parameters files


13:51 Changeset [7216] by fabienne.maignan
Personal branch for Yitong Yao
12:03 Ticket #783 (probleme of estimated STOMATE parameter with very low veget_cov_max) created by nicolasviovy
Discovered from Pascale simulation with DGVM we have some pixels giving …
09:57 Ticket #782 (Bug at intialization with branch 2.2 on irene) created by aducharne
This bug has been found twice, always on irene, while tests on jean-zay by …


16:03 Ticket #771 (Land use change crash in FG1trans) closed by luyssaert
fixed: r7209 was able to produce a global sequence of FG1, FG1trans and FG2. …
12:11 Changeset [7215] by nicolas.vuichard
correction of the last commit. No change in stomate_season to consider
12:04 Changeset [7214] by nicolas.vuichard
bug fix on wood harvest. See ticket #781
12:01 Ticket #781 (Bug fix on Wood Harvest) created by nvuilsce
Since the first implementation of the wood harvest done in the trunk of …


10:37 Documentation/UserGuide/ProfileGprof edited by xnwang
09:23 Changeset [7213] by jan.polcher
Some final touch-ups before transfering the new routing to RegIPSL.


15:40 Scripts/FluxnetValidation/DataProcessing edited by nvuilsce
11:43 Scripts/FluxnetValidation/DataProcessing edited by nvuilsce
10:15 Scripts/FluxnetValidation/DataProcessing edited by nvuilsce
10:07 Scripts/FluxnetValidation/DataProcessing edited by nvuilsce
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