16:48 Ticket #850 (collimated transmitted light problem) created by xnwang
In the abledo_surface.f90 in trunk, the subroutine multilvel_albedo …
16:40 Ticket #547 (Analysis of the Spatial heterogeneity of gpp) closed by nvuilsce
16:18 Ticket #785 (Carbon balance closure) closed by nvuilsce
15:53 Changeset [7639] by christophe.dumas
add call explicitsnow_levels & explicitsnow_transf at the end of …
15:09 Ticket #849 (Adapt trunk to start with restart file from CMIP6 simulation) created by jgipsl
It would be good that ORCHIDEE trunk could start from restart file from …
15:00 Changeset [7638] by josefine.ghattas
Updated file using the script create_orchidee_default.sh
12:07 Ticket #769 (Missing forcings for application of Manure) closed by nvuilsce
11:54 Changeset [7637] by josefine.ghattas
Adapted to allow reading of restart file on old format as ORCHIDEE_2_0 for …
09:45 Changeset [7636] by jina.jeong
Small cleaning and check for check-in.
09:17 Changeset [7635] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Interactioning wind and pests. Please use ERR_ACT = 2


17:49 Ticket #469 (Inclusion of branch ORCHIDEE-CN in the trunk) closed by nvuilsce
17:48 Ticket #780 (Definition of so_capa_dry and so_cond_dry in thermoil) closed by nvuilsce
17:47 Changeset [7634] by josefine.ghattas
Ticket #780 : Integrate [7348] from the trunk
16:51 Ticket #809 (Bug with so_capa_ice) closed by nvuilsce
16:50 Changeset [7633] by josefine.ghattas
Ticket #809: - thermosoi integrate correction from [7507] in the trunk - …
16:34 Changeset [7632] by josefine.ghattas
Reverted back [7090]: integrated again new formulation for snow albedo, as …
16:29 Ticket #642 (snowdz with zero values at the end of explicitsnow_main) closed by nvuilsce
14:46 Changeset [7631] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
copied trunk r7630 as the starting point of the interacting disturbances …
14:17 Changeset [7630] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Manually tuned qsintcst, a1 and b1 for global testing


19:27 Changeset [7629] by josefine.ghattas
small correction
16:10 Ticket #848 (Problems with reading N files r7615) closed by luyssaert
fixed: Typo was corrected in r7622


18:31 Changeset [7628] by xiaoni.wang
In run.def of ORCHIDEE trunk when using the new driver: commented out …
16:59 Changeset [7627] by josefine.ghattas
Adapt argument according to previous commit. Also add argument to lauch …
16:45 Changeset [7626] by josefine.ghattas
Change how arguments are read. This is done to correct a bug introduced …
16:44 Changeset [7625] by josefine.ghattas
Now change run.def file if orchidee.def not existing. This is necessary …
12:51 Changeset [7624] by josefine.ghattas
Create file in the beginning, can be used to add information about the …
11:22 Changeset [7623] by josefine.ghattas
Separate submitdir and scriptdir: trusting can now be launched from a …


13:38 Ticket #571 (Automatic documentation) closed by luyssaert
fixed: Changes were made to the How to page. Ticket will be closed.


20:51 Changeset [7622] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Correcting r7617
12:50 Changeset [7621] by josefine.ghattas
Correction on name of variable. The variables changed name in call to …


20:41 Ticket #848 (Problems with reading N files r7615) created by luyssaert
Since r7615 two similar crashes occurred. r7615 crashed on obelix as it …
11:52 Changeset [7620] by josefine.ghattas
Updated ORCHIDEE_3 with new modules needed at IRENE-AMD. These modules are …
11:52 Changeset [7619] by josefine.ghattas
Updated ORCHIDEE_2_2 with new modules needed at IRENE-AMD. These modules …
11:52 Changeset [7618] by josefine.ghattas
Updated trunk with new modules needed at IRENE-AMD. These modules are …
08:16 Changeset [7617] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Manual parameter tuning to enhance long-term forest growth
08:14 Changeset [7616] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Manual parameter tuning to enhance long-term forest growth


19:32 Ticket #779 (Different initialization between FM1 and FM2) closed by luyssaert
fixed: Since r7555 managed and unmanaged forest are initialized in the say way. …
19:27 Ticket #797 (Tree height) closed by luyssaert
19:16 Changeset [7615] by sebastiaan.luyssaert
Enhanced consistency of variable names: input has been changed in n_input …
15:53 Documentation/UserGuide/DoxygenDocumentation edited by cyue
15:02 Changeset [7614] by josefine.ghattas
As done in the trunk [7612]: removed daily variables from high freq file.
14:59 Changeset [7613] by josefine.ghattas
As done on the trunk [7612]: removed variables which can not be written on …
14:56 Changeset [7612] by josefine.ghattas
Removed daily variables from sechiba_out2.nc file. These variables are …
14:25 Documentation/UserGuide/DifferentLogin edited by mmcgrath
Updating to reflect the new SVN name and password requirement for modipsl (diff)
13:42 Documentation/UserGuide/DoxygenDocumentation edited by mmcgrath
I've tested the steps, and they work for me as well. Just adding a few … (diff)


08:54 Changeset [7611] by xiaoni.wang
#836 To allow SPREAD_PREC_SEC to be: 1) either half of forcing time step …


10:15 Changeset [7610] by josefine.ghattas
Change in text output.


15:29 GroupActivities/CodeAvalaibilityPublication/ORCHIDEE_2.2_gmd_2022 edited by yzhang
15:27 GroupActivities/CodeAvalaibilityPublication/ORCHIDEE_2.2_gmd_2022 created by yzhang
15:19 GroupActivities/CodeAvalaibilityPublication edited by yzhang


11:29 Changeset [7609] by josefine.ghattas
removed white space
11:12 Ticket #846 (HEAD of branch ORCHIDEE_3 fails for offline experiments) closed by jgipsl
fixed: All experiments in the trusting are now running ok. see link in the …
11:11 Ticket #472 (Add reading with XIOS for new files for nitrogen input) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Trusting is green at irene.
10:42 Changeset [7608] by josefine.ghattas
Update done at jz
10:37 Changeset [7607] by josefine.ghattas
Divers enhencements (for ORCH3 and more)
10:30 Changeset [7606] by josefine.ghattas
Some more information in mail after trusting was finished.


17:15 Changeset [7605] by josefine.ghattas
Correction on unit and remove redundant getin for SECHIBA_QSINT. See …
17:12 Ticket #847 (Propose to remove option IMPOSE_PARAM) created by jgipsl
If IMPOSE_PARAM=y is set in run.def, it is supposed to deactivate all …
15:36 Changeset [7604] by josefine.ghattas
Remove option to read a total manure file (default is the reading of …


17:38 Documentation/UserGuide edited by jgipsl
17:37 svn10minandORCH_jan2022.pdf attached to Documentation/UserGuide by jgipsl
17:04 Changeset [7603] by anne.cozic
Add TSOIL_COMP in files xml
16:56 Changeset [7602] by josefine.ghattas
Deactivate reading of 4 new nitorgen files (introduced in rev [7394]). …
16:43 Changeset [7601] by josefine.ghattas
Bug correction by Nicolas Vuichard. Bad parenthesis was introduced in rev …
12:52 Ticket #846 (HEAD of branch ORCHIDEE_3 fails for offline experiments) created by jgipsl
Experience OOL_SEC_STO_FG2 fails with ORCHIDEE_3 revision 7600 default set …


15:21 Documentation/UserGuide/InstallingORCHIDEEBasic edited by jgipsl


09:46 Changeset [7600] by christophe.dumas
Removal of specific hydrology (water saturated) modifications for soil 13 …


15:06 Changeset [7599] by nicolas.vuichard
copy of ORCHIDEE_3 branch for CMIP6 exercise


14:01 Documentation/Drivers edited by xnwang


16:46 Changeset [7598] by josefine.ghattas
Moved calculation where it is needed. In the first place, it was only …
13:24 Changeset [7597] by josefine.ghattas
Integrated bug correction done ORCHIDEE-ROUTING [3608] by Jan Polcher: …
13:22 Changeset [7596] by josefine.ghattas
Integrated bug correction done ORCHIDEE-ROUTING [3608] by Jan Polcher: …
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