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    11= Reports of technical meeting ORCHIDEE = 
     3== 22/09/2011 == 
     4Present: Patricia Cadule, Philippe Ciais, Agnès Ducharne, Marie-Alice Foujols, Isabelle Gouttevin, Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Fabienne Maignan, Catherine Ottlé, Philippe Peylin, Jan Polcher, Didier Solyga, Nicolas Viovy, Nicolas Vuichard, Tao Wang 
     6=== 1 – Discussion on the summer work at LGGE (Isabelle) === 
     8Catherine first specifies that Tao is working on the snow model under the supervision of herself and Philippe C. He started from the Charlie's AR5 version. He will stay as a post-doc and use the Isabelle-Charlie-Bruno merged version, hereafter the High_latitudes_Merged_version, he has already been in contact with Isabelle. 
     9The High_latitudes_Merged_version results from: 
     10* Charlie’s version from June 2010, very close to the AR5 version (+ cryoturbation, soil vertical discretization …), 
     11* plus Bruno Ringeval’s modifications (topmodel, wetlands), 
     12* plus Isabelle’s modifications (freezing with 11 layers hydrology). 
     13This has implied to overcome several difficulties (for example veget versus veget_max for compatibility with stomate). This version is now working from a numerical point of view but still needs to be evaluated (specifically regarding the hydric stress). 
     14The 11 layers version is very similar to the one of Jan and Aurélien. Jan will work directly with Isabelle for the 11 layers merge. Bruno should also take part in this exchange. The forms defining the strategy are due beginning of October, so that the inclusion in the trunk can be made at the end of October. There is a need to compare the topmodel diagnostics to the FLOODPLAINS results. Didier Solyga will create an svn branch for Isabelle’s version. 
     16=== 2 – METAFOR CMIP5 questionnaire (Marie-Alice) === 
     18The objective is to document the CMIP5 models to render intercomparisons easier. The standardization of the vocabulary has required several years of work. Nathalie and Patricia are PIs for the ORCHIDEE questionnaire. The deadline is now three weeks at most. Patricia says that some ambiguities remain in the variable names, leading to erroneous calculations. Philippe P. proposes that Patricia send a mail to the project list, listing the questions she cannot answer by herself. Then one of the next weekly meetings will be dedicated to the questionnaire finalization. Agnès agrees to test her comprehension of the variables by performing some calculations. 
     20=== 3 – ORCHIDEE scientific documentation retreat (Philippe P.) === 
     22This retreat will last a day and a half and is open to every developer/user. Philippe P. will send a doodle to select an appropriate date between November and December. Several persons mention that their schedule is already full hence Philippe P. will extend the doodle till January but no longer. Jan may participate using either phone or video-conference. Martial, Sebastiaan and Fabienne have already done some preparation around the selected tool (doxygen) and will send some examples (allocation, phenology). 
     24=== 4 – Diverse === 
     26Marie-Alice mentions that the next meeting of the Scientific Committee of the IPSL Climatic Modeling Center is scheduled for September 30 (next ones in November and March). Patricia represents ORCHIDEE. Philippe P. will send a mail to know which priorities have to be reported to the Committee. 
     27Computing time has to be requested before October 17. There won’t be any more NEC in 2012, people have to be prepared to switch to titane (CCRT) and vargas (IDRIS). 
     28Agnès mentions a Sisyphe seminary on November 3, by Keith Beven, on topmodel and the uncertainties in models. Keith is also a jury member for Agnès HDR, on November 4. Congratulations to her! 
    330== 15/09/2011 ==