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    11= Reports of technical meeting ORCHIDEE = 
     3== 04/10/2011 == 
     4Présents : Jan Polcher, Juliette Lathière, Fabienne Maignan, Philippe Peylin, Didier Solyga 
     6=== 1 - Project meeting 11/10/2011 === 
     8 * Philippe will present the recent and the future developments on ORCHIDEE (hydrology,new spinup, merge O-CN, etc...) 
     9 * Sebastiaan should present the developments on the energy budget and the radiative budget which will be made for the project DOFOCO by James Ryder and Juliane Otto  
     10 * Other suggestions : Jan suggests to make a point on the decisions taken for the web sites of ORCHIDEE; Juliette on the coupling INCA/ORCHIDEE and Fabienne on the documentation. 
     11 * The next project meeting in November will be opened to everyone and will last three hours : the topic will be about the next developments (with phd students, post-doc..)  
     13=== 2 - Concerning the organization chart === 
     15 * Philippe will send the organization chart of the ORCHIDEE group and put it on the website 
     16 * In order to have the ORCHIDEE project a better visibility, Philippe proposes to present the organization chart to : 
     17    - to the LMD/LSCE  
     18    - or to the executive commitee of the IPSL 
     19  Philippe will ask Cyril Moulin for the LSCE and Jean-Louis Dufresne for the IPSL to know the better choice. 
     21=== 3 - Risk analysis === 
     23 * Fabienne made a quick point on the risk inquiry made for ORCHIDEE this week (with Juliette Lathière, Nicolas Vuichard, Bertrand Guénet, Didier Solyga and herself). 
     24 * She will make the synthesis and present the results soon (will be available on the website). 
     25 * The risk analysis will be renewed each year (or a couple of years) with a increased number of participants if possible. 
     27=== 4 - New Hydrology === 
     29 * Philippe insisted that the files have to be written for the 13/10/2011. For his part, Jan said he will be OK. 
     31=== 5 - Diverse === 
     33 * Communication of Nicolas Viovy : we exceed the computing time on platine. People must switch to titane for this reason. Remember that platine will stop on March 2012. 
     34 * Didier asks about the date of the SVN course. In 2 weeks ? 
     35 * Jan asks about modipsl if it still take the last version of the model automatically. Martial could answer 
     36 * Concerning ORCHIDEE HIGH LATITUDES : the branch shared by Isabelle, Bruno and Charlie has been created. [[BR]] 
     37   Isabelle (with the help of Didier) will watch the differences between the AR5 version on the svn server 
     38   and the AR5 version used for as a starting point for the High Latitudes version for a future merge. 
    342== 29/09/2011 ==