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The branch ORCHIDEE_3 has been created in March 2020 @ r6611 from a copy of the trunk @ revision r6608. Based on ORCHIDEE_2, it gathers all the developments related to the Nitrogen cycle and the carbon/nitrogen interactions.


The development of the features contained in ORCHIDEE_3 started in 2013 in a branch named MERGE-OCN, a "merge" between the trunk version (source:/trunk@971) and the OCN model of Soenke Zaehle orchidee-N. In June 2005, the developments moved on the branch ORCHIDEE-CN, from an update revision of the trunk (source:trunk@2740). Developments, bug fixes and merges with the continuous evolution of the trunk have been done in branch orchidee-N up to December 2018. At date that, orchidee-N "moves" on the trunk of ORCHIDEE (source:/trunk@971) to finalize more collectively this carbon-nitrogen version. The branch ORCHIDEE_3 has been created in March 2020 to continue finalizing the version ORCHIDEE_3 and to let the floor on the trunk of ORCHIDEE to the developments planned for version ORCHIDEE_4.

Publications and associated model revisions

Currently, two key model revisions of the "ORCHIDEE model with nitrogen" have been used in published studies. One is revision 4999 of branch ORCHIDEE (source:branches/ORCHIDEE-CN@4999) with which model evaluation in terms of GPP at local and global scale has been pusblished (see Vuichard et al., 2019 and