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Current Bugs

List of bugs that need to be fixed. They are ordered by priority from the top to the bottom.


There are regative values at fuel_XXhr variables

Supposedly solved at r3021 and r3022. It seems that it is not the case.

Update: negative values at diff_frac.

Multiple floating point exceptions at reat_of_spread

There is a floating overflow exception at exp(XXXX) from lpj_spitfire.f90 -> rate_of_spread

! reaction intensity
WHERE (a(:).le.0.00001 .OR. bet(:).le.0.00001)

Proposed solution: set sigma values to 10000. FAILED

     !calculate mass weighted surface-area-to-volume ratio by fuel types.
     WHERE (dead_fuel(:).gt.min_stomate)
       sigma(:)=(fuel_1hr_total(:) * sigma_1hr + &
            fuel_10hr_total(:) * sigma_10hr + &
            fuel_100hr_total(:) * sigma_100hr) / dead_fuel(:)
       sigma(:)=0.00001 -> 10000

Proposed solution: check sigma instead of a. OK (Accepted by Chao and Fabienne)

! reaction intensity
WHERE (sigma(:).le.0.00001 .OR. bet(:).le.0.00001)

River routing

Albert's personal branch (r3022) can not run for four points when RIVER_ROUTING is on, but can run for globe.


Possible it is caused by the region I choose is not large enough, but it is still a bug.

Reported by Ye.

Fix on forcesoil r3050

VSD merge

How to deal with already designed MICT soil layers ?

In Albert's branch, we have two possible different sets of values for soil_capa and soil_cond based on the keyword SOIL_LAYERS_DISCRE_METHOD (see constantes_soil.f90 and get_discretization_constants in thermosoil.f90).

This gives access to two different vertical discretization shemes (see thermosoil_levels). I copied all this relevant code below.

  1. Do we agree that we completely let down these two discretization schemes to get the new one (see vertical_soil_init)?
  1. I have the impression that soil_capa and soil_cond may intervene elsewhere, do we still keep the two different sets of values?


The orchidee (r3022) can not run after one time of forcesoil, it showed a error "floating overflow"

The error can be found in this file: /home/users/yhuang/job/orchidee/test_f/oe.yfpe0f.g.nrouting.Ye.ori

And the output are all in: /home/orchidee04/yhuang/test/spinup/g/yfpe0f.g.nrouting.Ye.ori/

Reported by Ye

New Drivers

Test performance


When including -gen-interfaces flag. It throws multiple errors on getin_p interface.

compiling error

gmake driver met a error showed as below:

mpif90 -c -cpp -DCPP_PARA -p -g -fpe0 -traceback -fp-stack-check -ftrapuv -check bounds -i4 -r8 -I../../../lib -module ../../../lib -I/usr/local/install/netcdf-4.3.2p/include sechiba.f90 sechiba.f90(44): error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [THERMOSOILC]

USE thermosoilc

compilation aborted for sechiba.f90 (code 1) gmake[2]: * lib/libsechiba.a(sechiba.o)? Error 1 gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/users/yhuang/modipsl/modeles/ORCHIDEE/src_sechiba' gmake[1]: * [all] Error 2 gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/users/yhuang/modipsl/modeles/ORCHIDEE/src_sechiba' gmake: * [libsechiba] Error 2

thermosoilc.f90 is just a copy of thermosoil.f90, but sechiba.f90 used module thermosoilc (at line 44 in sechiba.f90), but there is no command dealing with thermosoilc.f90 in AA_make in the same directory, I think that is why I can not use gmake to compile.