GROUP and Objectives

  • Persons implicated: Nicolas Vui, Sebastiaan Luys, Nicolas Vio, Bertrand G., Philippe C., Fabienne M., "Imbalance_P" developers, Patricia, ...
  • Main responsibles: Nicolas Vuichard
  • Objectives / roadmap:
    • FIRST objective) prepare a version of the coupling between C and N cycles that works globally and in a coupled mode with LMDz, based on the "merged OCN-ORC-CAN version" of Nicolas.
    • SECOND objective (in Parallele ?): preparation for the use of SPITFIRE and possibly GM ? In the case of SPITFIRE, try at the same time to prepare for the coupling with ORC-CAN.
    • THIRD objective: integration of the Carbon permafrost from the ORCHIDEE-MICT branch
    • other objectives to be defined later?
  • Remarks:


Carbon permafrost meeting, November 30, 2015

Attendees: P. Ciais (PC), J. Ghattaz, B. Guenet, M. Guimberteau, Y. Huang (YH), A. Jornet-Puig, F. Maignan (FM), C. Ottlé, S. Peng, P. Peylin (PP), C. Yue (CY), D. Zhu (DZ)
Minutes: FM

  • Status of the ORCHIDEE-MICT branch

presentation FM

  • Latest C permafrost developments

presentation DZ
These developments need to be first integrated into the ORCHIDEE-MICT branch from DZ's personal branch.
It is agreed that this C permafrost version should be the one integrated into the TRUNK within the first semester of 2016. If u is set to 0, this is equivalent to the former C permafrost version.
PP says that some help could be given on this subject through the CRESCENDO project.

  • MICT Forcesoil

presentation CY/YH
CY and YH are doing sensitivity tests and will propose a forcesoil protocol in a few weeks.
DZ has reported on a bug when forcesoil is forced with a monthly time-step. When the bug is fixed, we hope to go from the daily time-step, which gives correct results but is time-consuming, back to the monthly time-step.
PC is working on an updated analytical spinup, as there are now second-order differential equations.

Agreed actions and Agenda

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