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    11= Energy Balance = 
     3== Update 05/09/2017 
     4Working group: FM, CO, PP[[BR]] 
     5The energy budget is not closed only when the amount of snow and the corresponding fraction are small, but it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what the problem is.[[BR]] 
     6There are indeed several suspicious facts: 
     7- A minimal threshold psnowdzmin is used in thermosoil_coef for the computation of the snow coefficients. 
     8- The computations made in the explicit_snow_melt_refrz subroutine use the amount of snow and the snow temperature, which includes the additional temperature temp_sol_add computed in enerbil_flux from a surface energy budget equation, which does not take into account the amount of snow. 
     9Meanwhile, to have outputs available for the group to look at, we could first commit the implementation of the diagnostics: 
     10- in sechiba.90: TEBR_enerbil and TEBR_snow 
     11- in explicit_snow.f90: 
     12A TEBR can be computed for every subroutine to better understand why/where the budget is not closed. This implies additional computations of the total snow heat; the snowheat variable represents for each snow layer the energy required to bring the temperature to 0°C and to melt the non-liquid snow fraction. 
     13For example, we could compute and output the following variables: 
     15    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("snowheattot_begin",snowheattot_begin) 
     16    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("snowheattot_snowfall",snowheattot_snowfall) 
     17    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("snowheattot_redist",snowheattot_redist) 
     18    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("snowheattot_compact",snowheattot_compact) 
     19    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("snowheattot_profile",snowheattot_profile) 
     20    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("snowheattot_gone",snowheattot_gone) 
     21    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("snowheattot_melt_refrz",snowheattot_melt_refrz) 
     22    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("snowheattot_subli",snowheattot_subli) 
     23    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("del_snowheattot_snowfall",del_snowheattot_snowfall) 
     24    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("del_snowheattot_redist",del_snowheattot_redist) 
     25    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("del_snowheattot_compact",del_snowheattot_compact) 
     26    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("del_snowheattot_profile",del_snowheattot_profile) 
     27    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("del_snowheattot_gone",del_snowheattot_gone) 
     28    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("del_snowheattot_melt_refrz",del_snowheattot_melt_refrz) 
     29    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("del_snowheattot_subli",del_snowheattot_subli) 
     30    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("TEBR_explicitsnow_gone",TEBR_explicitsnow_gone)  
     31    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("TEBR_explicitsnow_melt_refrz",TEBR_explicitsnow_melt_refrz) 
     32    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("TEBR_explicitsnow_subli",TEBR_explicitsnow_subli) 
     33    CALL xios_orchidee_send_field("TEBR_explicitsnow_total",TEBR_explicitsnow_total) 
     35Special cases are to be handled properly, like for example: when there is a snowfall that melts completely during the time step. 
    338== Update 16/05/2017