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    2525We need to gather in order to possibly revise the cross walking table that allows to convert the FAO land cover classes into  ORCHIDEE PFT fractions 
     27=== Meeting of the 8 October === 
     29-Persons: Nathalie, Devaraju,Philippe, Catherine 
     31 -Objectives: Discussion on the differences or the potential biases (regarding bare ground, etc..[attachment:PFT_maps_ECVtest2.pdf]).. and to proceed further for creating CMIP6 maps. 
     33 -Summary of the meeting by Philippe: 
     35We need to organize a meeting with the "interested" people from ORC group to discuss specifically the Cross walking table. For that meeting, Dev will prepare a series of Maps comparing different maps (ORC-AR5, GHurtt data, ECV-test1, ECV-test2,..) for major LC types (forest, bs, grass, crops, ...) 
     37Remark on the maps: The affectation of grassland (id= 130) to a significant percentage of bare soil is probably not adapted for ORCHIDEE given that when the LAI is low there is indeed a large part of that PFT that become bare soil..  
     39For the objective we propose: 
     401) Natasha should send to everyone the excel file corresponding to the last modification she made to account for Catherine's fraction (from CO paper); 
     422) Nathalie will use this excel table and provide a new one based on her LC expertise (ECV-test2). 
     443) Natasha should then redo the maps (running the cross-walking tool) with the proposed table of Nathalie but also she should include now two additional PFT: cities and lake (corresponding to LCC lines 190 and 210); This will help Nathalie and others to valorize these 2 additional PFTs. Note that for ORC we will need a final step that will reallocate Cities and Lake to current ORC PFTs (maybe at the same time than the split between C3 and C4). 
     454) Dev will make the different colored maps. 
     475) Nathalie and Philippe find a date with the key people: Nathalie put first a doodle with her dates and then we (us 5) complete; We then restrict the doodle to the dates that we have in common and PP propose this doodle to the rest of the group.. The objective is to have the meeting in November (latest).