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GROUP and Objectives

  • Implicated persons : Nathalies DN, Devaraju N., Philippe C., Philippe P., Nicolas Vuichard, Natasha MacB, Sebastiaan, Sushi P., ...
  • Projects : CMIP6, ECVLCOVER, LUC4C and ERACLIM2 at least.
  • Objectives / roadmap : Prepare the land cover map changes with the 13 PFTs for the past (back to 1500) and for the future (CMIP6 scenarios), using ECV-lcover product for current Land Cover and CMIP6 rules for natural vs anthropic changes provided by G. Hurtt.
  • Main "developers" : Devaraju will do the year to year reconstructions from G. Hurtt products; Natasha will provide from ECVlcover project the current land Cover map for ORCHIDEE PFTs; Other will contribute scientifically.

Meeting of the 17 September

  • Persons: Nathalie, Devaraju, Natasha, Catherine, Nicolas, Philippe
  • Objectives: discussion on how to use the CMIP6 land use information data provided by G. Hurtt (natural vs managed) and the recent ECV-lcover land cover map to derive yearly ORCHIDEE PFT maps for past and futur simulations
  • summarry is provided in "summary meeting"
  • Actions:

Devaraju will reconstruct the PFT historical maps using the ECV-lcover map We need to gather in

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