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GROUP and Objectives

  • Implicated persons : Nathalies DN, Devaraju N., Philippe C., Philippe P., Nicolas Vuichard, Natasha MacB, Sebastiaan, Sushi P., ...
  • Projects : CMIP6, ECVLCOVER, LUC4C and ERACLIM2 at least.
  • Objectives / roadmap : Prepare the land cover map changes with the 13 PFTs for the past (back to 1500) and for the future (CMIP6 scenarios), using ECV-lcover product for current Land Cover and CMIP6 rules for natural vs anthropic changes provided by G. Hurtt.
  • Main "developers" : Devaraju will do the year to year reconstructions from G. Hurtt products; Natasha will provide from ECVlcover project the current land Cover map for ORCHIDEE PFTs; Other will contribute scientifically.

Meeting of the 17 September

  • Persons: Nathalie, Devaraju, Natasha, Catherine, Nicolas, Philippe
  • Objectives: discussion on how to use the CMIP6 land use information data provided by G. Hurtt (natural vs managed) and the recent ECV-lcover land cover map to derive yearly ORCHIDEE PFT maps for past and futur simulations
  • Actions:

Devaraju will reconstruct the PFT historical maps using the ECV-lcover map and G. Hurtt historical data. First comparison of GH map for the year 2000 with the ECVlcover map has been derived by Dev comparison GH versus ECVlcover

We need to gather in order to possibly revise the cross walking table that allows to convert the FAO land cover classes into ORCHIDEE PFT fractions

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