Developments to be done for CMIP6 version 2

We proposed to construct a new TRUNK for ORCHIDEE that would be based on ORCHIDEE-CAN and would serve as the version V2 for CMIP6 to be ready for 2017.

A synthesis of the ORCHIDEE-CAN new features compared to the TRUNK is provided in the following document together with a proposition of different steps for the integrations of these developments into the TRUNK (see ORCHIDEE-CAN merge document)

Progress of the anticipated developments

Inclusion of Nitrogen Cycle

See page under MERGE-OCN

Refining the sub-grid representation

We propose here a new flexible scheme to have multiple energy/water budget for the PFT: Sub-grid representation

Progress about the merge

Pages describing the progress of the technical aspects of the merge

Table listing the actions to be done

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