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Working Groups

Developement of the physical component for CMIP6-V1

Specific pages (agenda & progresses) for soil hydrology and thermic (vertical discretization, properties, ...) Soil physic for CMIP6

Sepecific pages (agenda & progresses) for soil hydrology and thermic (vertical discretization, properties, ...) Roughness and bare soil evaporation for CMIP6

Developement of the Biogeochemical component for CMIP6-V1

Specific page (agenda & progresses) under Biogeochemistry for CMIP6

Improvement of Land-cover management (LCC) for CMIP6-V1

See specific page of the Agenda and progresses under LandCoverChanges for CMIP6

MERGES: progress and comments

To be updated when questions appear or when developments are improving

  • 11 layers soil hydrology (ready, in the trunk)

Main Resp: Jan, Agnes,

Improvement over summer with “some work on W stress functions”

No large conceptual changes

  • Common soil vertical discretization between Hydrology and Thermics (ready, not yet commited in the trunk)

Main Resp: Frederique, Agnes, Jan

Soil thermics goes up to 10 meter

Hydrology stops most likely at 2 m; Test by Fuxing to choose for CM6 are ongoing

a general “scheme” to have flexible depth need to be implemented (following a group discussion in January 2015)

  • New soil thermal properties (function of USDA soil texture classes) (ready, in the trunk)

Main Resp: Agnes, Frederique

Tests made by Agnes & Fuxing & Frederique ?

  • Soil freezing following I. Gouttevin’s Phd (ready, in the trunk but improvement to be done)

Current scheme conserve energy on annual basis (from freezing/thawing) and will be used as default.

Revision is planned for “instantaneous” conservation (late 2015)

Use of the "Diag_level" should be droped after the common soil vertical discretization

Need a working group (IG, GK, …) ?

  • New 3 layers snow module (in the trunk, improvement on going)

following Tao Wang's work.

Main Resp: Catherine, Tao, Philippe C, Jan

Trunc contain the latest version used in MICT (since Mai)

Ongoing improvement to have a snow fraction and fully implicit coupling

Actions will be followed by a little group (FC, AD, JP, CO, JLD, PP, PC, TW, GK, JG, PM) with possible implementation by Fuxing and Jan

  • Adjustment of the albedos (on going: objectif Juin 2015)

Replace Bares Soil albedo by the “MODIS – Background Albedo” from JRC-TIPor from ECOCLIMAP-2

Optimize the NIR and VIS 12 vegetation albedos using MODIS global albedo

Ongoing action by PP and VB in Mai-June

Main Resp. : Philippe P, Vladislav, Frederique

  • Nitrogen cycle (Autumn 2015)

Main Resp: Nicolas, Bertrand, Sushi, Daniel, Philippe C

Code ready, under debugging phase

Possible large impact on climate simulations: NEED TO LAUNCH first global tests NO later than Mid October 2015

Global forced and coupled tests to be done and analysed before end of 2015

  • Permafrost and Yedoma deposit (to be decided, autumn 2015)'

Main Resp: Philippe C, Sushy, ?

Permafrost module currently implemented in MICT version

Main impact is a source of CO2 to the Atm.; small impact on soil thermal properties

Yedoma (deep permafrost): impact through CO2 emissions

“coupling” with the new E/W soil discretization need to be done;

Extrapolation of the W content below soil W depth to be chosen

Need some work for the integration with the selected upper soil T/W common discretization

  • Crops

Main Resp: Nicolas 1-2, Philippe C., Xuichen

Addition of a distinction between winter and spring C3 crops (phenology)

Small change to be added autumn 2015

POSSIBLE inclusion of ORC-CROP modules (to be discuss Autumn 2015).

  • Fires following SPITFIRE (to be added in the trunk in beginning of autumn)

Main Resp: Patricia, Yue Chao, Philippe C.

Coupling with Trunc to be done in September 2015 (small effort)

Forcing for “human-induced” fires need to be prepared

Modification of the albedo following fires under “implementation”

Implementation with ORC-CAN: need to select “burned” trees !

  • DGVM (ready, in the trunk, some calibration needed)

Main Resp: Philippe C., Nicolas Viovy, Dan Zhu

Ready for the High latitude PFTs ; Ongoing “check/calibration” for the tropics

Update of the Trunc already done (In May 2015 for Paleo simul tests)

Re-calibration “needed” when Nitrogen cycle will be included

Implementation with ORC-CAN will require substantial tests/dev.


CMIP6-V2 will be based on the NEW FOREST REPRESENTATION (ORC-CAN) including:

  • Forest management
  • Two streams radiation transfer scheme
  • Canopy structure
  • Age classes (LCC/LM)
  • Hydraulic stress for trees
  • Crop management
  • Dynamic phosphorous cycle ?
  • New plant functional types (Mosses/lichens & Shrub)
  • New soil carbon module with « Priming » and DOC, POC, Vertical discretization,….

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