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Working Groups

Developement of the physical component for CMIP6-V1

Specific pages for soil hydrology and thermic (vertical discretization, properties, ...) and overall discussions Soil physic

Specific pages for the new snow scheme (fractional coverage, fully implicit) New snow scheme

Sepecific pages for roughness lenght calculation and bare soil evaporation Roughness and bare soil evaporation

Specific pages for the albedo revison (optimization) Optimization of albedo

Developement of the Biogeochemical component for CMIP6-V1

Specific page under Biogeochemistry

Improvement of Land-cover management (LCC) for CMIP6-V1

See specific page of the Agenda and progresses under LandCoverChanges for CMIP6

Developement of the version V2 for CMIP6

A new version of ORCHIDEE, based on ORCHIDEE-CAN will be developed for the second set of simulations for CMIP6 that should be done with updated physic for LMDZ. See progress and agenda under Version 2 for CMIP6

MERGES: initial comments

see page gathering initial proposition early 2015: DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/cmip6_initial_proposition

To be updated when questions appear or when developments are improving

  • 11 layers soil hydrology (ready, in the trunk)

Main Resp: Jan, Agnes,

Improvement over summer with “some work on W stress functions”

No large conceptual changes

  • Common soil vertical discretization between Hydrology and Thermics (ready, not yet commited in the trunk)

Main Resp: Frederique, Agnes, Jan

Soil thermics goes up to 10 meter

Hydrology stops most likely at 2 m; Test by Fuxing to choose for CM6 are ongoing

a general “scheme” to have flexible depth need to be implemented (following a group discussion in January 2015)

  • New soil thermal properties (function of USDA soil texture classes) (ready, in the trunk)

Main Resp: Agnes, Frederique

Tests made by Agnes & Fuxing & Frederique ?

  • Soil freezing following I. Gouttevin’s Phd (ready, in the trunk but improvement to be done)

Current scheme conserve energy on annual basis (from freezing/thawing) and will be used as default.

Revision is planned for “instantaneous” conservation (late 2015)

Use of the "Diag_level" should be droped after the common soil vertical discretization

Need a working group (IG, GK, …) ?

  • New 3 layers snow module (in the trunk, improvement on going)

following Tao Wang's work.

Main Resp: Catherine, Tao, Philippe C, Jan

Trunc contain the latest version used in MICT (since Mai)

Ongoing improvement to have a snow fraction and fully implicit coupling

Actions will be followed by a little group (FC, AD, JP, CO, JLD, PP, PC, TW, GK, JG, PM) with possible implementation by Fuxing and Jan

  • Adjustment of the albedos (on going: objectif Juin 2015)

Replace Bares Soil albedo by the “MODIS – Background Albedo” from JRC-TIPor from ECOCLIMAP-2

Optimize the NIR and VIS 12 vegetation albedos using MODIS global albedo

Ongoing action by PP and VB in Mai-June

Main Resp. : Philippe P, Vladislav, Frederique

  • Nitrogen cycle (Autumn 2015)

Main Resp: Nicolas, Bertrand, Sushi, Daniel, Philippe C

Code ready, under debugging phase

Possible large impact on climate simulations: NEED TO LAUNCH first global tests NO later than Mid October 2015

Global forced and coupled tests to be done and analysed before end of 2015

  • Permafrost and Yedoma deposit (to be decided, spring 2016)

Main Resp: Philippe C., Dan, Shushi

Permafrost module currently implemented in MICT version

Main impact is a source of CO2 to the Atm.; small impact on soil thermal properties

Yedoma (deep permafrost): impact through CO2 emissions

“coupling” with the new E/W soil discretization need to be done

Extrapolation of the W content below soil W depth to be chosen

Need some work for the integration with the selected upper soil T/W common discretization

  • Crops

Main Resp: Nicolas 1-2, Philippe C., Xuichen

Addition of a distinction between winter and spring C3 crops (phenology)

Small change to be added autumn 2015

POSSIBLE inclusion of ORC-CROP modules (to be discuss Autumn 2015).

  • Fires following SPITFIRE (to be added in the trunk in beginning of autumn)

Main Resp: Patricia, Yue Chao, Philippe C.

Coupling with Trunc to be done in September 2015 (small effort)

Forcing for “human-induced” fires need to be prepared

Modification of the albedo following fires under “implementation”

Implementation with ORC-CAN: need to select “burned” trees !

  • DGVM (ready, in the trunk, some calibration needed)

Main Resp: Philippe C., Nicolas Viovy, Dan Zhu

Ready for the High latitude PFTs ; Ongoing “check/calibration” for the tropics

Update of the Trunc already done (In May 2015 for Paleo simul tests)

Re-calibration “needed” when Nitrogen cycle will be included

Implementation with ORC-CAN will require substantial tests/dev.


CMIP6-V2 will be based on the NEW FOREST REPRESENTATION (ORC-CAN) including:

  • Forest management
  • Two streams radiation transfer scheme
  • Canopy structure
  • Age classes (LCC/LM)
  • Hydraulic stress for trees
  • Crop management
  • Dynamic phosphorous cycle ?
  • New plant functional types (Mosses/lichens & Shrub)
  • New soil carbon module with « Priming » and DOC, POC, Vertical discretization,….

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