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Working Groups

Developement of the physical component for CMIP6-V1

Specific pages for soil hydrology and thermic (vertical discretization, properties, ...) and overall discussions Soil physic

Specific pages for the new snow scheme (fractional coverage, fully implicit) New snow scheme

Sepecific pages for roughness lenght calculation and bare soil evaporation Roughness and bare soil evaporation

Specific pages for the albedo revison (optimization) Optimization of albedo

Developement of the Biogeochemical component for CMIP6-V1

Specific page under Biogeochemistry

Improvement of Land-cover management (LCC) for CMIP6-V1

See specific page of the Agenda and progresses under LandCoverChanges for CMIP6

Developement of the version V2 for CMIP6

A new version of ORCHIDEE, based on ORCHIDEE-CAN will be developed for the second set of simulations for CMIP6 that should be done with updated physic for LMDZ. See progress and agenda under Version 2 for CMIP6

MERGES: initial comments

see page gathering initial proposition early 2015: DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/cmip6_initial_proposition

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