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    11= Development Lines = 
    3 == Soon == 
     3== Short Term == 
    44• New soil vertical discretization (from the TRUNK)[[BR]] 
    55=> Would be good to have this as part of MICTV7 if we want to give to the Trunk the permafrost carbon. Don’t know who could tackle this. 
    2626It seems to have minor implications on the rest of the model and could be added in MICTV7 => To be decided by Chao. 
    28 == Mid Term == 
     28== Medium Term == 
    2929• Nitrogen cycle (from the TRUNK?) 
    3030=> Need to invite Daniel in the discussion. For the moment, let’s first get a branch CNP evolved from the TRUNK-N code made available by N Vuichard. Then we can decide (probably mid next year). At the moment, I would suggest to let Daniel, Shushi and Yan Sun work quietly at their pace on a CNP branch and obtain results they are satisfied with, before opting for a migration to MICT. 
    3636=> Need to invite Xuhui in the discussion. I would favor to have ORCHIDEE CROP in MICT (V7 ?) after Xuhui’s has done the new changes he wants to make in his version of ORCHIDEE CROP. We also agreed to discuss with Nicolas Vuichard about N cycle and ORCHIDEE CROP. 
    38 == Later ==  
     38== Long Term ==  
    3939• DOFOCO (from the TRUNK) 
    4040=> related to N cycle which uses DOFOCO’s allocation and to the TRUNK strategy to eventually have DOFOCO in the TRUNK, which is challenging. 
    42 • Analytical spinup (Philippe/Fabienne) 
     42• Analytical spinup (!Philippe/Fabienne) 
    4343=> I have tried to work out the equations with matrixes but the diffusion term seems to prevent and elegant solution. I may not be good enough in the maths, but since we don’t know whether an analytical spin up is derivable, maybe we should stick to force soil plus a strict protocol to apply it. 
    4545• Peat hydrology (Chloé) 
    4646Chloé’s code has been for now preserved «  as is »  in the refrigerator before she leaves. It would only make sense to decide having it in MICT or not if someone will work on it for his / her research. This should be the case of Chunjing next year. 
    47 More details in PeatHydrology. 
     47More details in [wiki:DevelopmentActivities/PeatHydrology Peat Hydrology]. 
    4949• Fire-permafrost, and dynamic vegetations interactions (Chao) 
    5050=> This seems to be more a research part that Chao wants to work on. Too early to decide. 
    52 Mosses/Shrub (from Arsène) 
     52!Mosses/Shrub (from Arsène) 
    5353=> Arsène just got his first result ==> wait for the end of his PhD to decide.