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Merge-Hydro Branch

This version will merge the version of ORCHIDEE developed at LMD with the 11-layer hydrological scheme into the latest version of the trunk ( Based on the differences between the LMD version and those from which it originates (either 1_9 or 1_9_4_1) (see the attachments), several notes have been written in order to prepare the merge. Here below are the links to these notes.

The hydrology group is : isabelle.gouttevin,jpolcher,aducharne,aurelien.campoy,matthieu.guimberteau,gerhard.krinner,,catherine.ottle,pierre.brender.
All those people can download the new version with modipsl and two commands in modipsl/util :

  1. Get the ORCHIDEE TOOLS-box
    > svn co svn://
  2. Get the hydrology version (with mail of Martial, please)
    > TOOLS/recup_my_ORCHIDEE my_svn.login_name branches/Hydrology  Martial.Mancip _ at _

Notes to prepare the merge

Note on CWRR

Note on evapnu

Note on dpu

Note on flag couple

Note on logz0

Note on LAI

Note on Soil Map

Note on Interpolations

Martial notes for the merge

Testing the Merge-Hydro version

Matthieu: Off-line tests in the Amazon with bug corrections

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