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1_Install ORCHIDEE (version 2_2)

2_First regional run

3_Relaunch in the same directory

4_Continue simulation using restart files

5_Visualization with ferret

6_Add new variable in ORCHIDEE

7_Running ORCHIDEE with XIOS in attached mode

8_Simulation using libIGCM

9_SPINUP_ANALYTIC experiment

-Retry the same exercise with the version of ORCIDEE_trunk

-Launch a spinup: (SPIN-ORCHIDEE)

-Launch an historical run from 1861 to 1900 with ORCHIDEE_trunk:(RUN_trans)

-Launch a Run from 1901 to 2013:(RUN_trans2)


Global balances of the emissions of NH3 for INCA, EDGAR (AS,MNM, AWB) and a) ORCHIDDEE (k=1:13@sum,k=1:15@sum), b) (k=10:13@sum,k=10:15@sum)


Emissions de NH3 (Tg/N) par ORCHIDEE (k=@sum et k=10:15@sum) pour la période de 2003_2012.

Bilans globaux de émissions de NH3 (Tg/N) par ORCHIDEE et CEDS, et des quantités de fertilisants et du fumiers appliquées.


Monthly reports of N_fertiliser and N_manure for 1980

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