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HOWTO install/compile/run ORCHIDEE-CN-P for offline use with libIGCM.

This howto is based on the information which can be found in the ORCHIDEE wiki regarding the trunk version of ORCHIDEE. Please check the wiki for information regarding the respective commands listed here.

See attachment for the file get_ORCNP.ksh for a script which does all the steps listed here automatically.

1. install libIGCM & ORCHIDEE-CN-P

1.1 where to install

You should install the model NOT in the home directory; it is even too small to handle diagnostics like "out_execution" or "out_orchidee". You can use , for example, your work directory: curie:


or project storage; here example for the IMBALANCE-P project on obelix:


1.2 install libIGCM & trunk ORCHIDEE

I use revision 2728 of libIGCM (revision 2961 does not work):

svn -r2728 co modipsl
cd modipsl/util
./model ORCHIDEE_trunk

1.3 Exchange the trunk ORCHIDEE with ORCHIDEE-CN-P

cd ../modeles
svn co svn:// ORCHIDEE
cd ../util ; ./ins_make

1.4 Exchange the XIOS with the XIOS2

cd ../modeles
rm -fr XIOS
svn co XIOS
cd ../util ; ./ins_make

1.5 Adjust IOIPSL

ORCHIDEE-CNP r4512 and newer

for ORCHIDEE newer than r4512 you need to use a modified version of IOIPSL. Follow the description here:

for ORCHIDEE-CNP before r4512

adjust IOIPSL to be able to write more variables into the output by increase the value of max_var by 50 in modeles/IOIPSL/src/restcom.f90

 &  max_var=550, max_file=50, max_dim=NF90_MAX_VAR_DIMS

1.6 Exchange libIGCM configurations for ORCHIDEE

You can exchange the libIGCM configuration to have some example configuration adapted for ORCHIDEE-CNP:

cd modipsl/config
svn co svn:// ORCHIDEE_OL
cd ../util ; ./ins_make

2. Compilation of ORCHIDEE-CN-P

2.1 compile orchidee

A: on obelix

Compile ORCHIDEE (without XIOS):

cd ../config/ORCHIDEE_OL
gmake without_xios

B: on curie

WARNING: before you do anything on curie; make sure you have copied the p86ipsl login environment to your home according to

cp ~p86ipsl/.bashrc_curie  ~/.
cp ~p86ipsl/.bash_profile ~/.

Then compile the standard way:

cd ../config/ORCHIDEE_OL
gmake without_xios

DEVELOPER INFORMATION 2.3 Re-compile after code modifications

When you re-compile ORCHIDEE after you changed the code, the compiler will only recompile the modules(?)/subroutines(?) which you modified. Sometimes this doesn't work properly and your executable will crash. You will have no indications that the crash is connected to the compilations. Thus, it is a good idea to prophylactically to a full clean before you compile the code: First to this in modeles/ORCHIDEE/:

./makeorchidee_fcm -clean

then this in config/ORCHIDEE_OL

make clean

Now, you can compile the model as described in 2.2


3.0 minimal setup (w/o libIGCM)

There are different setups possible with libIGCM ( Please check the documentation of libIGCM for more information, here I just tell you what you need to do.



3.3 MISC

Missing history files although the run successfully finished

FLUXNET sites are not all starting

activate 11-layer hydrology

information to the configuration of soil hydrology for (sub)tropical regions

use site specific soil characteristics (all setups)

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