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     2== STATUS == 
     3=== 10.12.2015 === 
     4- Check out svn 2978. Compiled and set-up single-pixel and multiple-pixel test cases. 
     6== ISSUES == 
     7=== 10.12.2015 === 
     8- svn 2978: the compiler had problems finding a library file for forcesoil. I adjusted Makeorchidee_fcm so it compiles without forcesoil. 
     9- No LAI for PFT 12 and 13 (impose_veg = y). 
     14= ORCHIDEE-CAN = 
     15== ROUTINES CHANGED == 
    216== src_driver == 
    317        * readdim2.f90: bug fix from the trunk 
    5468        * change the dimensions of the variable albedo to store direct, diffuse, VIS and NIR (the direct and diffuse distinction becomes moot with the current multilayering scheme, as they must be averaged into one value for the background reflection to communicate between the layers) 
    5569        * Check the cause of the one day mismatch in between LAI and LAI_eff...UPDATE: seems like this is caused by the biomass being updated at 1800 s after midnight, while the LAIeff is updated in the slow processes, at midnight 
    56         * clean code, why is laieff and singang written in both stomate and sechiba? 
    5770        * Use single scattering values that change over the course of the year...initial tests described below make it seem like this is important 
    5871        * to generate single scattering values for all PFTs (so far only values for main tree species in Europe are available, status 21.1.) 
    5972        * to introduce calculation of LAI_eff for grass and crops 
    60         * testing and validation of new albedo scheme against observations in offline mode 
    61         * coupling to atmosphere model LMDz 
    6273        * test to make sure that the PFTs are not being split into canopy and bare soil anywhere in the code...for example, set vegmax to 1.0 for PFT 6 and wildly change the bare soil parameters...this should have no effect 
    6374        * Validate the multilayer scheme against the RAMI-IV results