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The general procedure was taken from Martial Mancip's presentation but it was adjusted to show the specific paths for ORCHIDEE-FM See attachment 'FMuserguide' (at the bottom of this page)


Clean up list and status FMCleanUp

ORCHIDEE_FM TRICKS (work in progress)

Unanswered questions:

(1) "z0" (surface roughness) and "roughheight" (effective height for roughness) are set up as function of "HEIGHT". But "HEIGHT" is a best-guess of the height of each PFT and therefore a constant value throughout the simulations. "AV_HEIGHT" gives the temporal pattern of the height for each PFT.. Shouldn't "Z0" and "roughheight" be set up as function of "HEIGHT" AND "AV_HEIGHT"?

(2) Concatenation is not possible when using ncrcat (this option is used at the end of /home/users/tlaunois/MODELE/run_c13forestry.bat)

Answered questions and solved problems:

(1) [Kun Tan ?date?] "AGE_TARGET" has been changed such that an automatic clearcut does not occur too early. This change has been committed. Note that in stomate_forestry.f90, there is another parameter "age_target_def", that we can modify in run.def to control the value of "age_target". Currently "age_target_def" is not being specified in run.def.

(2) [Thomas Launois 21/10/2010] Suppressed 365 multiplicator coefficient in stomate_lpj.f90 solving inconsistencies for "AV_CIRC", "AV_HEIGHT", "DOM_HEIGHT", "IND", "LAI_MAX_LYEAR", "SIGMA" and "GAMMA". This change has been committed

(3) [Thomas Launois ?date?] Line added in ORCHIDEE/src_stomate/stomate_forestry.f90, to avoid the compiler to check for variable CIRC. This suppresses the following message: (argument unproperly set) : REAL(r_std) FUNCTION vol_circ(circ,ntrees,pft)

Pistes : besoin d'un « array » : pb : on passe qu'un scalaire (un nombre de cette array) ou une constante.


Senders: Thomas Launois and Kun Tan

Aim: How to commit changes to the source code of ORCHIDEE-FM

Background: Through the use of the svn server we are now aiming to maintain a single version of ORCHIDEE-FM. All ORCHIDEE-FM users are therefore requested to upload there changes regularly. Uploading your changes to the server is called 'Committing'.

When to commit: (1) It is good practice to commit after a bug in the ORCHIDEE-FM branch version was corrected because several people are using this branch. (2) When new functionality has been added (and debugged) to the branch, this new code should be merged with the version available on the svn server and then committed.

Good practices for committing: (1) Please, use flags (on/off) when committing new functionality so that not all users are forced to use these new functions. (2) Send an e-mail to the ORCHIDEE-FM list so everybody knows what was added/deleted/changed and which bug it corrected. (3) Provide detailed information when committing. This information is stored on the svn server. (4) Properly document your code/changes because others will need to understand it!

How to commit: (1) Check whether your code is compatible with the SVN one : no other change should exist between your version and the SVN server version. Update/merge when necessary (2) To commit one particular file, browse to the folder that contains the file and type the following command

svn ci --username /login /--no-auth-cache / filename/ -m "/message or commentary about your version. Provide sufficient information/"

where /login is "firstname.lastname" format and /filename is sample.f90 format

For example svn ci --username thomas.launois --no-auth-cache dim2_driver.f90 -m "Modification of intersurf to allow this and that"

MERGE BETWEEN AR5 and FM (March 10th)

Senders: Thomas Launois and Kun Tan

The merge between FM and AR5 (ORCHIDEE 1.9.5) is committed and thus available from the svn server

PLANNING MEETING MERGE AR5 and FM (December 1st 2010)

Present: Juliane Otto, Kun Tan, Martial Mancip, Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Thomas Launois, Tomomichi Kato,

Aim: decide on the version of Orchidee that will be used as the first version on svn

Outcomes: (1) Thomas Launois and Kun Tan will do a mini-merge (marked 1 on the figure) between VB latest FM version, their latest isotope version and Orchidee 1_8_1, (2) Martial Mancip, Thomas Launois and Kun Tan will do a mega-merge (marked 2 on the figure) between the Mini-merge and orchidee_1_9_5, (3) This version will be submitted to svn (marked 3 on this figure), from which the FORESTRY groups starts using the svn system + tickets and (4) All will use their own personal version, regular meetings should guarantee a slim branch.

Timing: (1) week 48-49 mini-merge (Thomas Launois & Kun Tan), (2) week 49-50 mega-merge (Martial Mancip, Thomas Launois & Kun Tan), (3) week 50-51 version available on svn (Martial Mancip) and (4) week 1 and further, use of svn (FORESTRY group)

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