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Spin up with a Machine Learning approach

What is it about?

Aim: develop a spinup acceleration procedure which is model version independent. The idea is to develop a python tool set which can applied to the ORCHIDEE family of models.

What is the current status?


  • DONE: Proof of concept for ORCHIDEE-CNP v1.2
  • ONGOING: Finding a common setup for pixel selection applicable to all ORCHIDEE versions
  • ONGOING: Collecting data from other ORCHIDEE versions for testing
  • ONGOING: Translating matlab into python code
  • ONGOING: Recruiting task force members

Who is in?

Task force members: Daniel Goll, Yan Sun, Jinfeng Chang, Yilong Wang, Vladislav Bastrikov, Nicolas Viovy

How can I contribute to this effort?

Please contact the D.Goll if you want to join. Some example we would benefit from are:

  • data from conventional spinup simulations
  • expertise how to link it to other tools, like libIGCM, ORCHIDAS etc.
  • expertise how to host/distribute/maintain the software
  • machine learning, python