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This work has been performed by Nicolas Viovy and evaluated for LAI by Fabienne Maignan. The main purpose of this branch and of this wiki page is to merge these changes on phenology into the main branch of ORCHIDEE and to evaluate the overall performances of this new merged version. This work is being performed by Nicolas Vuichard.

Brief description of the changes on phenology

A full description of the changes can be found in the paper of F. Maignan (see her paper here) The main changes are :

  • the new phenology scheme uses the winter solstice calculated for each orbital condition, as the reference date for GDD calculations instead of the end of the former growing cycle (time_lowgpp).
  • the new phenology version now includes a specific climate driven senescence model for crops, based on the work done in Bondeau et al. (2007) for the DGVM LPJ managed Land (LPJmL). This crops senescence model is simply based on a GDD threshold.