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The driver for OASIS : driver2oasis.f90

This code simulates an atmospheric model which would provide provide data for ORCHIDEE through OASIS.

As the original ORCHIDEE driver (dim2_driver.f90) is outdated and inflexible it has been redeveloped here.

For the moment this code only read compressed by gathering forcing files which contain a sufficient amount of meta-data (link to document).

This code is aimed at running only on one processor. It should not be a limiting factor in the execution time as it only reads once the forcing and then only does some simple time interpolations. Furthermore these interpolations are done while ORCHIDEE runs, i.e. it is not blocked by an oasis_get call.

The fields which OASIS exchanges between the atmosphere and the surface

From the atmosphere to ORCHIDEE

Name units ID on driver side ID on ORCHIDEE side
Height of T and Q m "ZLTQDRIV" HEIGHTTQ
Height of wind m ZLUVDRIV HEIGHTUV
Atmospheric temperature K TAIRDRIV TEMPLEV1
Atmospheric moisture kg/kg QAIRDRIV HUMILEV1
Rainfall kg/m2/s RAINDRIV RAINFALL
Snowfall kg/m2/s SNOWDRIV SNOWFALL
Downward solar radiation W/m2 SWDODRIV SHOWDOWN
Downward longwave radiation W/m2 LWDODRIV LONWDOWN
Eastward atmsopheric wind m/s UWINDRIV EASTWIND
Northward wind m/s VWINDRIV NORTWIND
Surface pressure Pa PRESDRIV SURFPRES

From the surface to the atmosphere

| Name
units ID on driver side ID on ORCHIDEE side

The "main" which controls the ORCHIDEE execution : orchideeoasis.f90

Execution of the model coupled to the driver

As OASIS is linked into both models (driver2oasis and orchideeoasis) the execution of the coupled model is simply achieved by one mpirun command. It can have the following structure :

mpirun -n $PEDRIV driver2oasis : -n $PEORCH orchideeoasis

where : PEDRIV=1 and PEORCH=$(($NSLOTS-$PEDRIV)), i.e. only one processor is for the driver and all others work on ORCHIDEE.

Execution of the model coupled to WRF

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