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The current development branches of ORCHIDEE model

Here is a description of the different versions of ORCHIDEE that are currently developed in parallel of the main version of ORCHIDEE. Ultimately, most of these versions will be merged to the main branch of development of ORCHIDEE model (trunk).Here below, are also presented the next evolutions of the trunk and the associated tags.

MergeHydroWork on the merge between LMD version and version
Acceleration of the SpinupWork on acceleration of the spin-up
ORCHIDEE-FMWork on a new Forestry and isotope model of Valentin Belassem and Thomas Eglin
AssimilationWork on ORCHIDEE version developed for assimilation system
ORCHIDEE-NEWPHENOWork on new phenology
ORCHIDEE-HIGH-LATITUDESVersion of ORCHIDEE developed for studies on high latitudes areas and wetlands
Isotopes Work on inclusion of isotopes and tracers into ORCHIDEE
ORCHIDEE-BRIC Inclusion of reactive compound emissions from vegetation: biogenic VOCs and NOx
ORCHIDEE-OzoneImpact Inclusion of the impact of atmospheric chemical composition on vegetation, starting with ozone
ORCHIDEE and LMDzINCA couplingCoupling between ORCHIDEE and the chemistry-transport model LMDzINCA for biogenic emissions and vegetation distribution
ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO Improving allocation, radiation and energy for Forest Management
MERGE-OCN Inclusion of the nitrogen cycle into ORCHIDEE.
ORCHIDEE-TROPICS Inclusion of the different developements done on the tropics.
Photosynthesis Work on the photosynthesis scheme of ORCHIDEE.
ORCHIDEE-SOM Work on the Organic Soil Carbon.
Fluorescence Implementation of fluorescence processes following the SCOPE model

Other on-going developments (without a specific branch)

XiosUsing XIOS as output library
SoilDepthSpatializationSpatialization of the soil depth
CarbonMassBalanceCheck for mass balance closure
OasisDriver Driving ORCHIDEE through Oasis