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    7 == 1. Drivers for interpolating forcing data in ORCHIDEE == 
     7== Drivers for interpolating forcing data in ORCHIDEE == 
    88We have two drivers available, src_driver/dim2driver and src_driver/orchideedriver. We would like to have only one standard driver for ORCHIDEE in the end. 
    10 == 1.1 the old driver (src_driver/dim2driver) == 
     10== the old driver (src_driver/dim2driver) == 
    1111   This driver assumes that scalar variables (Tair,Qair,Psurf,Wind) are instantaneous values at the timestamp, while flux variables (Rainf,Snowf, SWdown, LWdown) are mean values over the interval ending at the timestamp. This driver also requires that the first value of the annual files corresponds to 00UTC+dt_forcing (for instance 03UTC for a 3hourly forcing), and that the last value is for Dec 31st at 24UTC = 00UTC on Jan 1st of the following year. Your files must be prepared accordingly.  
    1717* '''SPRED_PREC''': By default, we spread the precipitation over half the forcing time step (1.5h and 3h respectively for 3-hourly and 6-hourly files).  
    19 == 1.2 the new driver (src_driver/orchideedriver.f90) == 
     19== The new driver (src_driver/orchideedriver.f90) == 
    2020  This driver is expected to be more flexible and to deal with any temporal structure of the forcing datasets, provided the required attributes are inserted in the forcing files. This document [attachment:Description_Forcing_Files.pdf] provides details of how forcing files need to be prepared. It addresses in particular the issues one may face when the fluxes are averaged and scalar variables are instantaneous. The driver needs to take this into account,otherwise the diurnal cycle can be misplaced. Some data providers have different conventions for representing averaged fluxes, and such information is important to know.   
    3535* globgrd.f90:  manage the spatial grid of the forcing. It can either read a file containing the grid information, as is the case for WRF forcing, or obtain the grid from the forcing files. 
    37 == 1.3 Previous discussion and recent efforts about the new driver == 
     37== Previous discussion and recent efforts about the new driver == 
    3838A long discussion on the differences between the two drivers (dated in 2016) can be found on