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    5151* in order to be consistent with the recent version of FG2, we created FG2nd configuration files for using the new driver. Updated all the configuration files (spinup analystique, fg1trans, fg2, fg8) in the recent version of trunk by using the new driver. After testing them for a few years, these updates are committed in r7119 of trunk. Fixed the ticket 
    5252* identified that the old and the new drivers have the reversed order of latitude when writing the restart file 
    53 * Global spinup simulations over 400 years are done by using the new driver (thanks to Matt) 
     53* Global spinup simulations over 400 years are done by using the new driver in spring 2021 (thanks to Matt) 
    5454* In spring 2021, Matt mentioned the speed of simulation by using the new driver, compared to the old one. Some profiling tests were applied to the simulations by using new and old drivers. In PARAM/run.def, dt_sechiba =1200 was found to be responsible for most of the slowness of the new driver. The value of this parameter depends on user's need. The smaller value, the slower computation, but with more time steps during the simulation. 
    5555* In summer 2021, a new ticket was submitted concerning a problem of the new driver when using the compressed forcing file. By using the latest version of compressed forcing file CRU JRA v2.2, small modification were applied and tested. The new driver now works with the compressed forcing file such as CRU JRA 0.5 degree. But it does not work with the older version of CRU JRA v2.1 0.5 degree , due to some inconsistency between land variable and contfrac in the forcing data.